pink floyd signed autograph,,all members, please tell me that is real or fake..thanks!

i come from china,i am an rock in roll big fans.. you know in china,its very difficult to get rock album, i am no chance to look any sighed records..but i love them,pink floyd,led zeppelin,beatles etc.    last week i buy a pink floyd sighed autograph from hongkong. the seller told me he buy this one from uk,,in march 2008..from a company that name is a.t.u memorabilia.  please some give infoemation for me,is that real or fake?   thanks

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Sorry to say, it's not genuine in my opinion. The "Pink Floyd" is especially far off.

Can you get your money back?


thanks for your help,  steve.  please tell me more about it if you would like. .maybe they all used one same pen signed are not right  or just some member sighed looks not good?   i try to talk about it to this seller

Hi John,

Unfortunately i agree with Steve. The David Gilmour is way way off. The Roger Waters is also very bad. Sorry to say but their is no doubt about it in my opinion that this item is definetly fake. I would insist on a refund immediately. This is a clunker.


thanks carl! same quesition for you,

 recently , i look around in ioffer,there have many classic sighed rock albums, like beatles,zepp,pink,stones, vu,doors etc...sell $500--$2000,also can discount..what are you think about it? in their shops, they all have coa with everyone piece... ..

Hi John,

No problem at all.

My first piece of advice is definetly stay away from IOffer!!!! Stay away from everything their as a general rule unless you are very confident the autographs are real. All the items that get kicked off ebay for being too fake typically end up their. Its also a favorite among the professional forgers as well. Very rarely do i ever see an authentic autograph their. In fact i dont even look their anymore. Compared to Ioffer, ebay is the much safer route, and thats saying something.

But i actually cant complain with ebay. I really only collect guitar players now a days, so i dont have to deal with the huge amount of forgeries there that some people do. But i still see my fair share. I just try and get as familiar as i can with any signature before i buy it. And i post them here if im not sure.

Ebay also has something called a PSA/DNA quick opinion. This is a great service for the new collector in my opinion. And regardless of what you may read on garbage sites like Autograph Alert and Autograph News Live, PSA and JSA are both good companies when push comes to shove. And i think they serve a great purpose for uncertain and new collectors.

For music items such as Floyd, i would suggest asking Roger Epperson if you need any definite opinions. He is the best their is, and you can buy a quick opinion from him for 15 dollars and its well worth it, as hes considered the best in the world. He also is JSAs chief music guy.

But back to PSA quick opinion. They work with ebay also. So if your not sure on an item you can go to the PSA?DNA website and go to the quick opinion option. It will then ask you for the ebay, or other auction site identification number, the web link, and a few other pieces of info, and they will typically get back to you within a day as to their opinion on the item. They tend to aire with the side of caution, but i think they do a good job, and i use this service when i am unsure if i dont use Roger. I think it runs around 8 dollars for a QO from PSA.

I would also search this site for threads on good online dealers and good ebay dealers. Finding a real Floyd item, Zepp item, doors, etc will not be cheap at all. Your talking thousands of dollars. Jim Morrison alone will be several thousand dollars. And i would always get Roger to look at these very experience autographs before purchasing. These items are rare and definetly dont make an impulse buy. Search them out carefully, and run teh autographs by the members here if you need too. Also google search the ebay seller if you need too, or the autograph site, and if you read a bunch of negative things, id check this site to make sure, and then make the decision to pass or buy.

Unfortunately the forging industry has targeted people like Roger Epperson who out forgers all the time. They hate him and so they create as many lies and rumors about him that they can. This will sometimes happen with other dealers as well, so thats why i say you might check the name on here.

Lets see...........for the items your interested in i would suggest checking these sites out:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered


Also dont rust COAs at all. They mean absolutely nothing. Buy the graph and not the cert. Most COAs are just printed at home and are made to look official, but in reality have no worth. JSA, PSA, Roger Epperson (REAL), Upper Deck, Mounted Memories, etc are typically good starting points, and typically hold more of a key to authenticity than others. So never trust a COA, even the ones i listed b/c they could be fake. Always feel confident on the signature and purchase it after research. A good COA however will offer a lifetime guarantee no questions asked. If they tell you anything less or try and give you the story about returns only after an approved authenticator looks at it, then walk.

Also, COAs from AFTAL members, UACC members, and "members" in general typically dont mean much. These individuals typically arent policed by the organizations that they are members of. However the "dealers" are a better bet. AFTAL and UACC dealers are held to higher standards typically than a member, and thus typically they have better merchandise, but not always. Allways do research.

Lets see.... I guess the only other thing is to feel free to ask the members here. This is by far the best autograph site on the net, and the members here are very knowledgeable and you wont find that elsewhere really. This is a professional site and you will get good feedback from the guys here. Im not one of them, but some of the guys here know autograph like the back of their hand.

I hope this has helped on what to look for a little when buying these high priced names. I am sure other members can also point you to authentic items. BUt dont purchase an item until you are sure its good, and dont hesitate to ask.

As far as why i think the Floyd is fake above. It really just doesnt fit into any of their signing styles from any period that i am aware of. The Gilmours formation is off in virtually every way and the D and G are far off in his name just as a start. The Roger Waters is also very bad and looks very forced. They also all look like they were signed by the same hand. Definetly make sure you insist on a refund. That item is 100 percent bad, in my opinion their is no chance its real. and Steve is very knowledgeable on them. But make sure he issues a refund, if he doesnt, post his responses here and we can go from their.

Take care John and feel free to ask anything


Just for an example, this is what a typical David Gimour of Pink Floyd will look like:

wow,carl ,  you are a so kind man  !!!  you give me so much useful  advice ,i donot kown how to say  to thank you... i need read all  compelet ,and understand it...l know the people that love  rock music ,love rock  culture ,love  their classic generation,thats people  all over the world,,even in china,just like me..i  love that,so i will become a collecter that can let me feel so close my bright stars...    fake is so bad, hope forgers donot effects our love ,our hobby.    my english not good, thanks alot again ,carl  .  best wishes for you!!!  john

Take it as recommendation: when you want to find some funny fakes - go to ioffer... :) I have never ever seen good stuff sold on ioffer... This is sadly very bad one too. :(

hi steve!  recently , i look around in ioffer,there have many classic sighed rock albums, like beatles,zepp,pink,stones, vu,doors etc...sell $500--$2000,also can discount..what are you think about it? in their shops, they all have coa with everyone piece... .. and would you tell me where i can see a real  nick mason's pinkfloyd logo?

Hi John,

                I'm assuming you want to see what Nick Mason's autograph looks like ? He attends a lot of Motor Racing events here in the U.K. and is relatively easy to get. This is one I obtained In Person from him.

and Roger Waters -


Hi John,

                I should hope so ! It's my Company. I have been an In Person collector for over 45 years and a Full time dealer for 16 years. I didn't send you the link expecting to secure your business merely to show you two examples of 100% genuine In Person examples. Best of luck.   Ken.



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