First let me apologize in advance.  I know I'm doing this in the wrong section.  But after a couple of years of discussions, our friend Paul H finally relented and did a very fair deal with me on the David Gilmour signed publisher's proof page that has been displayed in various threads in the past.  Here it is, just back from framing today, along with the other proof page, which I acquired maybe 3 years ago.  Last image is of my Pink Floyd wall, now concluded, if for no other reason than that I've run out of room.  On this wall, there are the two proof pages, a complete Momentary Lapse of Reason framed with a complete period promo photo (thank you Seamus), a complete piece of Pink Floyd Music Ltd corporate stationary inscribed "to Chris", a complete late 60s UK program for "The Man, The Journey" tour, and two promo photos signed by Gilmour and Wright framed together.  I have a The Wall LP signed by Waters and Wright but ran out of room.  Again, special thanks to Paul for letting this go.  And thanks again to all for letting my show this off in the wrong section.  

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Congratulations - I remember reading about it and your asking! :D

Is the Gilmour single portrait signed in white?

Thanks man.  Much appreciated.  Yes, the Gilmour is in white.  And the Wright is in gold.

Very, Very nice!! Waters was signing today for anybody wondering, but once again some people are hiring workers. 

Thanks Ian.  Much appreciated.  You actually reminded me of a question I intended to post/ pose here and never have.  The two publisher's proof pages above, for the Shine On boxed set book - are these best off with just David's signature, or would they be enhanced if also signed by Roger Waters?  I have a personal view but curious what others think.  What would you do?  Seek to obtain Roger or leave them alone?

I don't think Waters would sign the top one!

They are so nice, I would be afraid to mess with them! Waters I would figure 4 pm  maybe. 

Greed kills it!

Hi Paul - I agree, though "greed" is almost a prerequisite for collectors.  In this case,  I thought about Gilmour/ Waters as almost a Lennon/ McCartney situation.  I feel that a great Lennon on a unique item is almost better than something signed by the two.  I imagined how I'd react if I had both of these proof pages with me standing right in front of Waters and if I'd even want them signed.  I think I would not. 

About what time does he show up? Anyone with info where at Coliseum on Friday?

Do you by chance know what color ink he was employing? Thanks!

Very happy it went to a good home.It looks great along with all the other the frame and matting.Good job Chris.
Thanks Paul. Looking at this wall again, on nearly every item I received help from someone I met here. Your help Paul on the new one (as well as with many other great items). Patrick Batson very graciously allowed me to pursue the program when we were both going after it. The Momentary Lapse of Reason came from Seamus and he reviewed both the group promo photo and the individual photos. And the stationary inscribed to me came directly from Roger, who I didn't know at all until finding this place. This is a good example of the value of AML.



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