Hi - I 'm researching a massive collection of in-person signed photos belonging to an old Finnish music & concert producer/promoter. It includes hundreds of photos of various stars and bands who have visited Finland from the 1960's to the 2010's. The collection also includes a couple of scarce items which have not been got in Finland and not in-person but have been got with the star's manager's help or by some other way from the backstage/dressing room.

I'm kindly asking your help in researching one of these two signed photos of The Beatles. The gentleman owing this collection met The Beatles in London in December 1964 while visiting Another Beatles Christmas Show there. He had a change to visit the backstage for a couple of minutes and got an in-person signed photo of the band:

Unfortunately, he has had this photo hanging on his wall for decades and the light/sun has destroyed the signatures. There are only some imprints of the use of the pen left. But luckily even a handwritten text: "To Andy - it was nice meeting you". Maybe some of you might know whose handwriting it is.

He also has another signed photo of The Beatles in his archives. This is an example he did not got in-person but it was given to him by Brian Epstein whom he met in Epstein's office the day after the concert. Please, be kind and give your judgement about the authenticity of the signatures. They are absolutely not printed nor stamped but could they be secretarial?

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Hi Tomi,

The bottom one signed in blue was definitely not signed by the Beatles in my opinion. Very far from what their autographs look like.

On the top one, all I see is the sentence starting "To Andy." That does not look like it was written by any of the Beatles to me.

Hi - (I thought the photo would get bigger when clicking it). However, here are the high res versions of them. The faded one is in-person, I'm just wondering whose handwriting "To Andy - it was nice meeting you" could be (Paul's, John's?). The photo with the better signatures was not got in-person but given out personally by Brian Epstein in his office. It is not printed nor stamped bu you think it might be secretarial?


The blue signatures are definitely not by the Beatles in my opinion. Way too far off.

I can barely see Paul's signature on the other piece, but not enough to comment on it. The writing at top doesn't look like any of the Beatles wrote it to me.

The dedication at the top of the photograph does not look like it is in the hand of any of the Beatles. The other signatures are too far gone to examine.

The signatures in blue ink are also not by the Beatles, and do not look secretarial to me. The John signature looks a bit like those done by Neil Aspinall but .....

Thanks - Unfortunately the person who got this "To Andy" photo while meeting them doesn't remember anymore who was writing and what. That was about 50 years ago and the person owing this is over 80 years now. So sad he had this hanging on his wall, which destroyed this fine item.



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