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Please HELP to experts in the community in auction dispute

About a month ago, I posted some Norman Rockwell signatures I had purchased. The response as I feared was that they were probably faked. Members supplied some good reasons given. I followed up by sending the images (I hadn't received the items) to PSA who determined them as "Likely Not Genuine".

I contacted the seller, ESQUIS AUCTION  (PAUL RAKITYANSKIY) who said that he believed they were valid signatures (even though he had other Rockwell signatures on his site that were clearly different from these ones). He said he would refund my money if I sent him authentication that proved otherwise. I sent him the PSA determination and he abruptly stopped, communicating, kept the money and did not continue the transaction to send the items in question.

I have opened a dispute with Visa to claim my funds back BUT visa wanted more clear wording in the authentication and reasons why they think the item is not authentic.  Members on this site have given clear reasons, like the lack of clarity in the lettering which Norman Rockwell used in all signatures that have been authenticated compared to the items Esquis was selling"

I have written PSA asking them to re-word the determination they sent me BUT I am hoping to acquire one or two more expert opinions to strengthen my case in my VISA dispute.

ARE THERE ANY EXPERTS HERE WHO WOULD CONFIRM THAT "The signatures in this auction are not representative of Norman Rockwell" in your opinion and one or two reasons why not?  If yours is a paid service for your authentication company, I am willing to pay for those services. If you are an expert willing to help out pro-bono I will be grateful and look forward to taking you out for a beer when our paths cross in the future :)

Like you, I want to take down the jerks who put forward fraudulent signatures, making this "fun" pastime into something that is frustrating, costly and something I no longer want to participate in.

I made a mistake jumping onto this auction without doing a more thorough research and have learned a frustrating lesson. Now I would like to move forward and teach these people who take money and feel they will go untouched that good people will not stand for their unfair actions.

Thank you in advance.

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Others may be able to answer your question better than myself. It appears that your seller is trying to make this difficult. You can provide your credit card company a link to the original discussion but this may not help. You may have to submit these to PSA for a full authentication. Costly, time consuming, but they are a highly recognized. You may want to clarify with your credit card company what evidence they will accept.

Sorry your seller is making this difficult for you. Funny, the seller does not have to supply any further evidence of proof of authenticity but you have to jump through hoops. Usually, credit card companies are more interested in pleasing their customers(you) than the seller.

Thank you.

I am currently working with VISA CREDIT CARD services to claim the money I spent. All correspondence has been sent to Visa.  ESQUIS auction fails to communicate anymore and will not send the autographs.

I have sent the images to PSA who have said they are "LIKELY NOT AUTHENTIC". I am waiting for BECKETT assessment on the items.

VISA doesn't like the world "LIKELY" in the assessment and they also want reasons for the assessment. SO... I'm hoping someone will send me their assessment worded in a way that can be accepted by VISA - AND- a reason or two they see these items as not-authentic.

It is a pain... and I'm losing hope with this even though everyone seeing these signatures is pretty certain that they are not authentic.  I just need ONE professional to put it in writing on letterhead and let me know why they think what they think. :(

Beckett will use the word "likely" if it is a quick opinion as well. That's all any will do without a full certification. 

Thanks. Without the autographs to send out, it is looking a little hopeless as I mentioned unless there are experts on this forum who agree these are not authentic, can word their assessment without the word "LIKELY" and have reasons why they are not likely authentic. 


He hasn't sent you the autographs yet? Seems like that would be a good reason to receive your refund.

You would think so but not so with VISA under the current situation. The negotiation with ESQUIS auction ended with them asking for proof. I said I would send the final shipping cost and accept the proof if it proved authentic,  and they said they would refund if it turned out the autograph was not authentic.

Turned out not to be authentic and Esquis ceased communication. Kept the money and gave no option to move forward.

And you informed your credit card company that the autographs were never received?

Yes. All documented. Visa is doing their best. Contacted Illinois State Auctioneers Association. Contacted Fraud Department at the Canadian Government (as I am a Canadian Citizen). Contacted PSA, Beckett and one other. Am chatting with a couple of wonderful people who are offering help that I can add to the case with Visa.

And I am always looking to others with professional links to this industry, people with authentication credentials, etc.  Most of the bases are getting covered. Just looking for more.

You will eventually prevail, IMO. Keep pushing on!

You'll win this one. It's just at the frustrating point now where you aren't sure.

And, THEY Should have to pay the costs, if you have PSA authenticate and it's no good. And tell them, "if I pay, and they say it is good...I'll keep the signature."

Kind of like in football if you throw a challenge flag and you win the challenge, it doesn't cost you a time out (perhaps the dumbest analogy I've ever made, but I'm sticking with it).

And here's the best part -- if it makes you feel better. Post EVERYWHERE (after you get your money back), about what happen. Drag the auction house thru the mud, and...we will all know, and others will know, not to buy product from them. So, by them doing this, they'll get screwed in the end.


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