Thanks for reading this. I purchased this JFK signed photo about 35 years ago from the lady on the far right who's looking lovingly into JFK's eyes. The lady, who was a former Cleveland, Ohio area Democratic chairperson, said the photo was taken of candidate Kennedy in September of 1959. In the summer of 1960, nominee Kennedy revisited Ohio on a campaign swing and hurriedly signed this photo on the lower margin in light blue ink. I will gladly compensate any of the several JFK scholars who frequent this site for an LOA attesting to its authenticity, if the consensus is that it's authentic. All opinions respected and welcome. Thank you.

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Although very abbreviated, it is stylistically representative of his ca. 1961 signatures. Looks like there was flow difficulty in getting the ink to take on the surface, which may explain why so abbreviated, it could be that and signed in a hurry.

I do like the ink. It has the right "weight" and age to it, fading logically as it progresses where you would expect it to for a 60 year old ink signature on a glossy surface.

Although I'm not a Kennedy guy, my opinion is 66/33 authentic, based on my above observations.



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