Need some opinions on that Poison signed Album

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Does not look good in my opinion.

Not authentic. Signed by the same person. A really bad attempt

thanks Dexter and TW for yr help!

I already own a authentic version of that Album - looks different and not that nice as the above one....

I don't think either are them are authentic. Bad attempts.

fake. i have a million poison and this is no good

Post some of the million autographs you have. I’d like to see some. You get every one of those million yourself? If not how many of those did you get yourself in person?

It won’t let me post from my phone. Send me a friend request and I’ll send u them or tell me if u can post pics from an iPhone or just at a desktop thanks brian

doesn't look good to me.  this is my Poison signed guitar you can compare to.

interested in trading for the posion guitar or selling? its so nice dude!!! wow

Thanks but I plan on keeping it.

Welcome it’s beautiful!! Where and how did you get this awesome piece?

i wouldnt be too confident on its authenticity. i wouldnt pass it and would pass on buying it. just saying. who did you buy it from? the guitar is the real deal. NOW THATS A REAL BEAUTIFUL PIECE!!!!!!!! WOW



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