I'm compiling a list of good eBay autograph sellers. Ones that try hard to only sell genuine autographs, and it shows. Ones that back it up when they make a mistake.

Please post links to their eBay accounts and their names. Please do not post without links. 

We recently became a member of the eBay Partner Network. We may earn a small percentage of eBay's fees on eBay purchases made through links to eBay from our site—and it doesn't cost you or the seller anything extra.

All we have to do is be the last link you visit before you buy. This works whether you're buying autographs, or anything else on eBay.

These are the eBay sellers members have suggested so far to review:

Markus Brandes Autographs

Tracks Ltd.

Darvick Autographs

Perry Cox

Rockaway Records

Record Mecca

Roland Brödner, german full time dealer

Mark Kirkup, british full time dealer

Randolph Thomassian, french full time dealer

Ron Dabitz, german full time dealer

Autograph World

For signed promos:

Newbury Comics

JB Hi-Fi

Warner Music Ireland (the US store also has some fantastic exclusives on occasion)


Sanity Australia

Looney Tunes CDs

B.B. Authenticated

Autograph Pros

John Shaw: bgfd287, doppey987, happy-go-lucky-girl


Rare Tracks


Signed Sealed Delivered





norbsob99 same as All Star Signatures LLC

Rinkside Signatures





InscriptagraphsDenver Autographs

Toppix Autographs


John Brennan's VIP Autographs

Rolf Ramseier Autographs


Tom Kramer's Golden Age Autographs:

Gary Brucato's Classic Entertainment Autographs:

Bill Ecker's Harmonie Autographs:

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Well Put Rick!

Cogo, Tim G.: I took that eBay seller off the list for now. We can always add him back and over all he seems OK. He has a Queen signed album that I don't think they signed but that's the exception, and people make mistakes.

Tim, if you have images of the ones you told him you thought weren't real that he sold, please send them to me. But he has some very rare, very genuine autographs.

Steve: sounds like the correct move considering the circumstances. But I’m sure you agree with me when wanting solid proof before saying someone is a good or bad seller!

And I’m speaking in general, not directly against Tim.

Hi, I’m new to this group and was forwarded this conversation by one of my regular customers. Been collecting since 1999 when I was just 14 and been doing it as a business since 2011 (though I was selling to another in person dealer from 2004).

Its always good that people do their research before buying autographs. I personally never buy even from people I know (with one exception recently as a one off). I’ve always collected in person. So though I’m not having a go at anyone on here, it’s disheartening to see my stuff being questioned, especially after all the time, effort and money that goes into it (i regularly travel to other countries to get autographs). Of course if you don’t know me then it’s fair to comment so I don’t take it personally. So to answer on the items people mentioned above:

yes Patrick Stewart’s graph has got that bad. Not all the time but the time in question he refused to sign even though there was just 2 of us there. He eventually gave in when I said there’s only 2 of us and we only have 1 each. He scribbled quickly but didn’t help that he was with Ian McKellen at the time (aftershow for his play) who wasn’t signing.

Someone mentioned my Queen LPs not being legit? I have a sneaky video I took of Deacon signing though you can’t see my items in the video. And May and Taylor’s graphs are exactly the same as they always sign so I don’t know what the issue is. It’s true that exact proof is the only way to fully know for sure when you’re buying but anyone who does this in person knows just how difficult that is to do when your hands are full with multiple items. Video glasses are the only saviour  these days.

I’m disappointed that I was removed from the ‘good sellers’ list especially when i see at least one person on there who doesn’t get any of their stuff in person. 

Hi, I run thesignaturearchive which was being discussed on this thread. Should have made that clearer, apologies for that. A couple of my items are being questioned that I obtained myself which is fine for anyone that doesn’t know me. But I was just concerned that it amounts to the fact they are slightly different signatures to those obtained at sit down signings. And kind of insulted at being called ‘master of getting sloppy autographs’ as I can hardly control how the celebs sign. Especially in the chaotic situations some of them are signed in. 

Like I said I don’t take it personally as I don’t know the people in question but just felt I had to say something.

That is my comment you quoted. I remember saying it. I think the signatures you have are sloppier then most I’ve gotten from some of the same signers in many of the same scenarios. I don’t doubt the authenticity of them. They are just sloppy. No need to be insulted. I’d save that for the authenticators that will occasionally tell your buyers that they are not authentic should they try to authenticate them. Many I think would be rejected unless you submit in large volume.

Fantastic that you have collected since a teenager. So have a few large forgery sellers I know of. That alone means nothing on a board full of folks who have collected just as long or longer in most instances. I know full well that sometimes you get sloppy graphs. Here is an example of one that I got that was super sloppy that it could never be authenticated. And I have an exact proof photo and video of it being signed. Guess where it went? It’s so bad I don’t even remember where I tossed it.

Hi, like I said a lot of people on here don’t know me so I don’t take it personally. Of course it’s my word against everyone else’s. It’s best that people always do their research before buying as there are probably way more forgeries on the market these days than actual genuine autographs. Such a sad state of affairs that makes it that much harder for the rest of us selling genuine items as the average joe doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not. 

Yes I agree about the sloppy signatures never being able to pass authentication. I have several that are literally just a couple of lines that I could NEVER prove to people unless they were there with me (Gwendoline Christie, Keira Knightley, even Robert Downey Jr one time). I never toss stuff however. Occasionally I rub off and try and get resigned but I hate having to start from scratch again so i just try and sell at low prices. However even at £9.99 I can’t move 2 of the Gwendoline Christie’s I got a few months ago. Just shocking.

I did think it was obvious who this was once it was stated and how the signatures were obtained eg; Patrick Stewart and the Queen item in question from this post.

But anyway was this why Luke was removed from the good sellers list because of just the two items in question?. Or from two or so members say so? any in-person collector gets an sloppy signature now and then thats an fact. just because the signing situation was different from others who have gotten the same celebrity at one time or another.

I do believe that once collectors see an sit down comic con signature this is what is expected to be seen when they look at items on eBay etc from inperson dealers. And because it don't look rite from what they got or seen it's automatically labelled as a forgery or a bad seller.

I would say Luke is a master at getting the autographs in-person just look how many he has obtained inperson, master at getting the sloppiest autographs I think that comment was abit harsh. But again everyone is entitled to their opinion. 

Another great dealer is uaccrd285, is the user name on eBay  aka "the genuine article". Needs to be added to the list.

I don't know if he's on eBay but Mark riddle from Memorabilia UK is awesome. I've bought a Lynda Carter and Debbie Harry from him, beautifully mounted in acid free paper/cardboard. And shipping to Australia was pretty low as I remember. 

Mark does sell on eBay. Done business with him and have good respect for his autographs.

I bought my Ayrton Senna from there. Never selling that one! 

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