I'm compiling a list of good eBay autograph sellers. Ones that try hard to only sell genuine autographs, and it shows. Ones that back it up when they make a mistake.

Please post links to their eBay accounts and their names. Please do not post without links. 

We recently became a member of the eBay Partner Network. We may earn a small percentage of eBay's fees on eBay purchases made through links to eBay from our site—and it doesn't cost you or the seller anything extra.

All we have to do is be the last link you visit before you buy. This works whether you're buying autographs, or anything else on eBay.

These are the eBay sellers members have suggested so far to review:

Markus Brandes Autographs

Tracks Ltd.

Darvick Autographs

Perry Cox

Rockaway Records

Record Mecca

Roland Brödner, german full time dealer

Mark Kirkup, british full time dealer

Randolph Thomassian, french full time dealer

Ron Dabitz, german full time dealer

Autograph World

For signed promos:

Newbury Comics

JB Hi-Fi

Warner Music Ireland (the US store also has some fantastic exclusives on occasion)


Sanity Australia

Looney Tunes CDs

B.B. Authenticated

Autograph Pros

John Shaw: bgfd287, doppey987, happy-go-lucky-girl


Rare Tracks


Signed Sealed Delivered





norbsob99 same as All Star Signatures LLC

Rinkside Signatures





InscriptagraphsDenver Autographs

Toppix Autographs


John Brennan's VIP Autographs

Rolf Ramseier Autographs


Tom Kramer's Golden Age Autographs:

Gary Brucato's Classic Entertainment Autographs:

Bill Ecker's Harmonie Autographs:

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I would leave autographs99 off the list. They used photos I personally took of the Stones as "proof" on some of their own Stones guitars. I sent them a letter before they removed the pics with no reply.

That's disturbing.

Theres a dealer in the uk called
Mr sloane, registered uacc. He doesnt have anything in store at the moment.
Most of us know that photo proof is garbage, Dealers using the same old photos to sell over and over again. In the case of autos99 ,stealing photos that crap isnt on. Were the Stones sets fake?

My question is. Does it make autographs99 a bad dealer in order of selling fakes or is he using other peoples photos to make his legit items "proofen" to get a higher price?

No fakes.
Picture proof is garbage full stop. How many dealers use the same photos over and over again that proves nothing.
It comes down to whats signed, not filmed.
Stealing other people's proof photo's and passing them off as your own is dirty. It demonstrates your integrity level to me. No different then claiming a bought signature was obtained in person. Lying is lying. I Don't know if this dealer does this but if I knew for sure they did they would be scratched off my list.

I'm with you, Rick. Collector members here that know their stuff have nothing but praise for them, but what Justin Steffman said really concerns me.

I dont condone this behavior, point out the forgeries it may be better.
I dont condone collectors marrying items together to boost the provenance, eg like a daybill from a gig, that matches the autograph! Vip graphs use the same generic photo, for every signed item thats related, its all hog wash.
Now you can choose to buy from either vip or auto99, so what will the collector choose to do, base it on photo's or the signatures , base it off a beckett coa, psa.
List the forgeries from auto99, im not American and i dont know the sports! Lets list them and say this seller is a forger or legit.

Any proof for this claim Tim? 

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I feel that it must take a bit more than just one member simply saying something to make it an absolute truth!

I have bought 100% genuine items from Rockshopgavel, but if they mixes good stuff with bad ones it’s good that you bring that to the members attention.



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