Post Your Ticket Stubs or Tickets from Any Events !!! Signed or Unsigned.

Here is my rare Nirvana In Utero from March 1st 1994 at Flughafen Riem Terminal 1 in Munich, Germany.
This was to be the last performance of Nirvana. :(

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Thar would be Flughafen (with an f) - "airport".

I was I Munich in 2000 and I never heard of concerts at Riem, so the venue is another piece of the past.

Nice piece of memorabilia! 

These days you usually don't get a nice pictoral ticket as a memento. 

Oh, jeez.  I’d be here all day.  Collecting music memorabilia is what I do.  Plus, I’ve seen somewhere in the region of 1,000 gigs myself over the years.

To get you started, here are three Bowie tickets for shows I attended.

1997-01-09 50th birthday celebration, Madison Square Garden, NYC.  This ticket remains unripped because I was the only fan to gain entry to the extended soundcheck/dress rehearsal in the afternoon, and I then remained in the venue for the show proper:

1996-06-08 Hiroshima, Japan.  This is a rare, handwritten invitation ticket, arranged for me personally by David himself:

2002-06-15 A&E Live by Request, Sony Studios, NYC.  I was second row centre for this live television broadcast:

I could go on and on, for Bowie and many other artists.

Hi Steve,

 I too was at the 50th birthday :-)

I wanted to post my Radiohead August 16th, 1996 ticket from Jones Beath (Tommy Hilfiger Theatre or whatever it is now). In any event I can't find the scan but I managed to get this that night:

I love these sloppy examples more than his signed book. At least the book is easily authenticated though but his in person signatures seem more unique.

Recent Signed Christone “Kingfish” Ingram Ticket. 

David Bowie, Hours Tour, October—December 1999:

My last Nirvana concert in Los Angeles Great Western Forum. Kept my ticket and wrist band together with a guitar pick from Kurt Cobain. Someone I know got a broken guitar neck from Cobain and he signed it at this concert. 

Back when you could see The Strokes and The White Stripes for £7.00 apiece:



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