Per Steve, we may be opening up trading for preorders on this forum or a separate group. This is a bit complex in itself though, as the variables with these preorders make an even swap somewhat difficult. Authenticity aspects aside, some points of contention are: time the item will actually come in, quality/condition of said product, governing transactions, etc. Also, where trades would be (i.e. a new forum?) is also a significant question, as I don't think people want threads swamped with those posts. 

Straight sales are probably probably something we want to avoid for now, as facilitating these seems to open a pandora's box of issues, even if they are technically easier than online trades.

Any thoughts are welcome, as this is just a brainstorming session for now.

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Yes, that's a point I've made in the past. Whatever the scarcity of an item may be, it's a fairly good bet that if it's a modern release and it's been scalped to hell and back, there's going to be a race to the bottom. I've managed to bag a couple of "white whale" items this year, due to a combination of luck and the "dip" (to quote an stock term). There's too much FOMO (fear of missing out) in the collector/autograph community, when it's easier than ever to get stuff you want, particularly if you want a few weeks until the market saturates.

I think a place to trade pre-orders is a good idea in a vacuum, but it relies heavily on trust. I have a "gentlemen's agreement" with a buddy of mine, who is both a friend and a collector, where he gets me signed stuff and I pay him either in-kind (like-minded signed books he wants) or a flat $10 fee per item... but that's a working relationship that has been built up over the last two years and relies heavily on in-person contact (and thrift store tours in tandem). Not the same online, unfortunately, especially in a time when fraud is rampant.

I think the best thing to go at this is if we have a place where we can ask to trade (not sell) stuff after we have it in hand. By the time it's in hand you have averted a lot of the possible issues like authenticity, quality of the item, delivery time. Create a thread where you let members make a post like "I have an Elton John [preferably add picture], looking for Coldplay" and leave the rest to PMs.

I wouldn't recommend actively providing a platform for taking pre-orders for money, even at cost. I've seen many similar (non-autograph) communities where fans stepped up, turned into some kind of personal shopper for a lot of members, then life happens to them and a lot of members are left without their orders and/or money.

while I'm not really interested in the whole trading thing, I do agree that you need a place to be able to mention you have it or want it, and then it can be handled in PMs, in the past, I have considered buying extras because someone always misses out but it always seems to be a big deal to even mention you have extras in the forum so I figured it isn't worth the hassle. the trading is just too confusing and I would just prefer to sell it to someone at cost and they can return the favor when they have something you missed out on. 

Any "pre-order" you are buying is a risk of your money, even when you're the direct buyer, and as a secondary buyer, your risks are even higher. it's money you're willing to lose, at least the item cost plus paypal commision.
IMHO, the buyer need to pay when the seller gets charged, (Is amazon the only one that waits on payment?).

The main reason in this type of transaction is that you know it's authentic! Personally I don't trust ebay sellers that much.

I'm willing to pre-order extra, but only for real members, who are also willing to do that as well for others. but I don't want to be in the top of google search as we are already hot on "signed" google searches already, we're not ebay. and I don't want to attack the wrong members.

again just my opinion but trying to figure out what all the rules of this would be are just too confusing. seems like it would be easier to just build relationships with people you see on here regularly and at least feel you can trust, and help each other out that way, pretty sure I see that going on in here already. other than that I think it would be cool to have either a separate forum or an open thread that could be a sort of bulletin board. just post what you have extra of or are looking for and then communicate in the PMs if you want to. it would be better than having all the trade talk cluttering up the forum and making it easier to miss an update. and yes I know I've been guilty of it too lol.

Could there be certain rules in place? Longtime member of the community? Link a Facebook account before a transaction? Make people feel comfortable with eachother and ultimately build friendships. Thats what a community should be.. but also, one screw up and you are banned for life along with an address associated with your account and Facebook account. Banning an email means nothing i like the idea of harsh discipline for the screw ups.  They will always keep trying to get back in and find any loophole possible

If these trades do on on then it should be on is the people who trade only trade items in hand for a start no pre orders etc 

and would be nice if there was a thread with members names and comment on that name if you have had a successful trade with them maybe or if your someone’s over the pond buddy 

me personally I’m up for trading but only and that’s only if the person is trust worthy as I understand it be on me so I wanna make sure this person is trustworthy I know I’m trustworthy but the person I’m potentially trading wouldn’t know that without some sort of thread post etc 

the trading idea is great but also bad and don’t want it to take the focus us away from what this thread is intended for I absolutely love the forum and don’t have an issue with any members here at all some moan Somme groan but who don’t sometimes as long as we all here realise we all here for the same thing and we all buddies 




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