I thought I would share this with members in particular all Bowie watchers.

several weeks ago I was offered this by a UK seller and thank goodness he is s man of integrity. To explain further I sought opinion from the community and it seemed that the signature was deemed authentic.  I made a gentleman’s agreement with the seller and price was agreed. 

I have been contacted by the seller who was honest enough to advise me that it had been brought to his attention by Andy at David Bowie autograph site that the signature was in fact the hand of David’s close personal life long assistant Corrine Shwab. 

Andy explained that a close contact of his who was previously David’s press agent at RCA had confirmed that this particular signature as well as some Elephant Man signed photos were undoubtedly Corrine’s hand.

I am grateful to the seller for his honesty as I had agreed a purchase at a pretty price. 


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£2400 paid to you for 2 fakes fact. $3146 

You are a fraud and a manipulative individual. You profess to be this person that you are not then hide behind others 

yes I used a pseudonym what’s yours eric ??

I'm sorry, but to which of you am I speaking? James or Mark? Mark was very nice to me, well...generally. I don't believe "him" anymore. You, Mark Merry, openly confessed to trying to pass yourself off as two people in this thread, lying while trying to tag team me I guess, and I am the fraud? I hide? I have one account and one name - can you state the same? 

Sorry James or Mark but from the beginning you try to attack on the best people I knew and helped me and others here a lot. No arguments, just insulting them. You are hiding behind a pseudonym. It's not showing you in good light. Erik is an amazing man who always helped when someone asked and I believe he would solve it in your favor if you act normally.

Thank you for the very kind words Sara. In this single instance, considering what has been done with intent over the course of months, my position will not change. It is a little too late to "...make nice...". Besides, I prefer not to deal with admitted/proven liars.

This is my last post.  Anger has most certainly got the better of me. The disappointment has overridden any sense or proportion regards this situation.

To Eric I apologise unreservedly to others I have real interest to be honest 

i guess when the 2 items became in question as to their authenticity and I contacted Eric all I received was that I was happy to have purchased them and that time I sought other opinions. All of this is indeed true, however a little empathy  to my plight would not of gone amiss . All I felt was Eric by saying this was in fact closing any door with regards a refund partial or otherwise.

this of course do not excuse my actions and now regret the manner in which I handled the situation.

I do believe Eric to be a genuine man but feel lessons on all fronts need to be learned.

I will make no further conments in the public arena on this matter but felt it necessary and appropriate to apologise to Eric

please understand this. This is in no way an attempt to try and smooth the waters, just when you know when you’re wrong you should admit it

I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish here, but it looks like you were just trying to make someone look bad, which makes no sense? Why not, just ask for a Refund? Eric doesn't strike me as the type that would intentionally rip someone off. If brought to his attention, he surely would have done something to make it right. Refund or whatever. This was definitely, the wrong way to go about it.

With that said, it doesn't excuse anyone from giving a Refund for a Forgery they Sold. This goes to the Integrity of the Seller. As dumb as this was, it doesn't open a backdoor, where you don't have to give a Refund. Yes, it could have been handled better... Should have been handled better. IMO...

Thanks Tim I appreciate this balanced response.

I know I made a error of judgement and regret making the comments regarding Eric but as I have said  I believe that when I brought this further information to Eric several weeks back he did by his response imply that in know way was he going to entertain any recourse to him for the sale.

However to the act in the way I did a and not give eric the chance is something perhaps I should have done.

to show me no empathy when he knew the amount of money I paid was hurtful

Tracks uk?

Dear all

To bring this all into context, 2 weeks ago this style of autograph had passed the highest arbiters (outside of the Bowie camp) consideration and only came to light when a couple of these Corinne's (his pa) recently came onto the market.

I made Eric aware a few weeks ago (via Andy at Bowieautograph) of a new fact,  that Bowie had sometimes signed stuff right handed (he is left handed) and that maybe/possibly made sense of some of the anomalies/oddities that cropped up now and again.

As an example, please look at this letter:

In the above letter, Corinne has copied Bowie's hand (almost to the T) in the writing of the word Edward.

Andy at Bowie autograph has within the last week learnt that she did the occasional "secretarial" when DB was heavily snowed under with other commitments, evidently it was something that he was personally against and the reason why there are so few Corinne "Bowie" autographs.

If this appears to be a "clique" reaction then I apologise but I am not prepared to see a really decent man's reputation be trashed or tarnished when he has been guided by other people as far as authenticity is concerned.

So many people who have visited AML have saved $1000's because Eric has spotted the most microbic discrepancy (including bothering to go back into sellers history etc to check for past sales).... all without charge to the people he has kindly advised.

Anyway, I hope this is the end of this.

Painful for all involved, but a great reminder that unless you saw it signed, you can never truly be 100% one way or the other, opinions be damned.

To be clear, Im not advocating right or wrong on anyone’s part - that’s, thankfully, none of my business.

My point is/was that forgers are getting scary good and that unless you personally watch an item being signed, you can only have degrees of certainty - not 100% ironclad opinions.

These sigs got the best of everybody involved, to be sure.





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