I've been a Prince fan since he woke me up out of the coma that was my Reagan Era adolescence.  I later spent a good part of my twenties going to every Prince concert, television taping and public appearance that I could. I have a lifetime of great memories (and a few cherished personal encounters) filled with music, humor and spirituality.

   Here's a signature from my modest collection of Prince memorabilia. I have no doubt as to it's authenticity so maybe this is the wrong forum for this posting, but I just thought I'd share it as an example of his signature when he was at ease and in his element. On one occasion that I was fortunate enough to speak to him I inadvertently referred to myself as a fan. He replied that he preferred to think of me as a "friend". That pretty much says it all. Rest In Peace "Friend".

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Correction- The joint I recommended earlier is BUNKER'S Bar & Grill- NOT Burke's. Burke's is a musical instruments shop in Melbourne that I like to recommend. Burke's is cool too but a long way to travel for a kazoo- and they don't have a happy hour (lol). The Valley Tap House is just south of Minneapolis in Apple Valley. Remember: BUNKER'S Bar & Grill for the best (in my opinion) live music in Minneapolis.

Hey it was the 80s!...what a way to start the decade.... embarrassing?!..it's awesome...lol...to a promo copy of Dirty Mind.... Prince would smile at this story...beats my first "memory"....I love it...wrap parties, premieres, the tonight show!.....i wanna be you... lol... tell us more!...you should write a book...seriously

Julie I think I just DID(lol). If I ever did write that book I'd be lucky to get invited to the opening of an envelope. There was a lot of debauchery goin' down in the 80's. I quote Rick James: "Cocaine is a HELLUVA drug!".

Lol..tru dat...fictional disclaimer here...I loved the 80s...still listening to it...

Yeah you have to watch out for those executives,they will be like pick my pen up.

Are you speaking from experience Paul? If so, which end of the pen did you find yourself on (lol)?

Hi Syreena. Great stories. We are the same age or within a year. You lost your virginity in 1981...mine in 1982. And the guy you were with was with a sixteen-year-old (you), and the the girl I was with was 16! But your age difference was probably a bit more...it was the day after my 18th birthday. No scandal then, plus the age of consent in Kansas is 16, and we were only 2 years apart. But I'm curious, how old was this dirty old man? But anyway...as you say, it was all worth it! Gee...I think I wish I had lost it to Prince too! Lol. Yes, the 80s were an incredible decade. I love other decades of music, but I'm not sure any decade could match the creativity of the 80s. There are some good songs out today, but the overall creativity and intelligence of music has taken a step back in my opinion.

My old girlfriends just used me for my body, I'm scarred for life!!

They just thought I was some kind of playground.

I don't know his exact age James. He seemed really old at the time but I'd guess he was in his mid or late thirties- young by "suits" standards anyway.



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