Hey everyone,

i bid 600$ on a Michael Jackson handwritten item on Pristine Auction. It comes with JSA and Eppersons LOA. I asked Roger and he said “this is not authentic imo”. Now I asked the Auction house and they said they do not cancel my bid.


What can I do now? Steve told me as well that it is a forgery.

please give me some advice and help me!

i don’t wanna buy a fake for 600$ + fee and shipping.

This was their answer:

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If you are convinced this item is not authentic then do not pay for it. What's the worst outcome? That they take away your future bidding rights? Why would any honest business try to force somebody to pay for an item they do not want?

What's the point of Roger authenticating items if he can just change his mind whenever he wants. After he got my Bob Dylan wrong several years ago i decided to never use ANY third party authenticator. Pointless.

Maybe Roger has found fakes that have made him change his mind

It looks fine for me

I think this is likely authentic actually.  

I’ve changed to not being sure.

I agree with you,
compared with other authentic letters it matches them perfectly but I'm not a pro.
I sent the item to Roger and Steve and both said it's not authentic.
If Roger gave me thumbs up I had definitly bought it because (if it's authentic) this peace  is absolutely amazing!
But when Roger changes his opinion there is this bad feeling remains...

I agree with their position on cancelling bids.  What is to keep someone from bidding an item up if they can just cancel it?  Do your homework/research before bidding, not after.

You're right, I should have first ask Roger if he's still behind his opinion or not.
It was a lesson to me ;)

When I suggested doing “your” research, I meant “you” in a generic sense. I made the same mistake with JSA on a JFK letter and doubt that I will make it again.


 Just curious, what made you request an opinion from Roger when it supposedly came with a REAL LOA and why did you request it after bidding?

Hmm, they worry about the integrity of the auction but dont seem to worry about the integrity of the peice. They should pull the item if authenticity is suspect.

Where does it show that it cam with a REAL (Roger Epperson) loa? I don't see that listed. If they removed it after the fact, that should be grounds in terminating the listing. 



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