Hey everyone,

i bid 600$ on a Michael Jackson handwritten item on Pristine Auction. It comes with JSA and Eppersons LOA. I asked Roger and he said “this is not authentic imo”. Now I asked the Auction house and they said they do not cancel my bid.


What can I do now? Steve told me as well that it is a forgery.

please give me some advice and help me!

i don’t wanna buy a fake for 600$ + fee and shipping.

This was their answer:

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I wonder if Roger possibly requested its removal if in fact he had changed his opinion on the item.  Of course, that would, in my mind as well, be grounds for removing the listing given the real (no pun intended) possibility that some bidders placed their bids due to their strong belief in Roger’s opinions.

I requested it yesterday. I sent the owner of Pristine a screenshot from Rogers reply "this is not authentic imo". Therefore he restarted the auction and deleted Rogers LOA. He was very accommodating and said the auction house can't ask every authenticator if they are still behind their LOA. I can understand that to be honest.

Yes exactly they restarted the aucion without the LOA and removed my bids. The owner was very kind and accommodating.

That is a very reasonable response from the auction house, given the strange circumstance. Good to hear!

 I have some bad experiences with bid removals and refuse to do business with those auction houses.

Absolutely! I heard bad things about these auction houses as well but everything went fine. Last reply from the owner: "text me if you need some help in the future". Very friendly!

I’m glad it all worked out.

Me too ;) thank you very much!

Glad it worked out as well Yannick. Decent of them to do it.

Thank you!

Am I missing something?  I think it looks great!  Can we have Wascher chime in?  She is the gold standard with MJ!

My initial thought was that it was likely authentic.  If it is authentic, that’s a tremendous price that someone got it for.  You can look on eBay and see that just recently an MJ signed photo sold for $1400, another for $1300+, and a simple cut autograph sold for $1079.  And signed Thriller albums have been selling for $3k-$4k over the last couple of months.  In my mind, any MJ authenticated autograph is worth close to $1k starting with cuts.




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