does this look authentic? let me know your opinion

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Adam , I would NOT bid on this item.
RRAuction has a nice Madonna in their catalog every now and then.
ok  I like to get opinions on such big name items  first
Not your safest bet for authenticity. 
On occasion the do have aunthentic items like my Danica Patrick i asked about on here
Absolutely, they do sell authentic items here and there. 
I have never heard of this auction house but in my expert opinion this is not authentic
ok so what do you all think about this item SIGNED BY BABE RUTHS DAUGHTER?

I have Madonna autograph in person and its nothing like that signature.

Having seen rushed signings from her too again its nothing like that

I have a post in this same forum asking about some autographs from the same auction site. Nobody has answered.

Looking over this forum it seems like maybe people only like to be negative reply when their "opinion" is that an item is not likely genuine...? 

In this exact post there is a question about a second item but it is being ignored. I guess I should maybe assume, given the silence, that the items I posted are authentic as well as the second item in question here?

I moved your post to where it should get some more action and rewrote your title. It can take a few days to get answers sometimes.



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