Profiles in History Auction July 2013 Marilyn Monroe Handwriting wrongly labelled

It has come to my attention that "Profiles in History" are being somewhat misleading and really they have no excuse. They are clearly labelling a secretarial as a real hand-written note from Marilyn Monroe. Yet they have an actual hand-written note for sale also.

Why are they not comparing their own real examples of Marilyn Monroe to other items they have for sale? which are clearly secretarial:

Marilyn Monroe Hand Written letter (secretarial)

The above link is a practice run for the note of which there is an image of at the end of this posting, a secretarial, the exact same wording to a different person. Marilyn's secretary probably had to write many such letters.

"Profiles in History" are purposely saying that it is written in Monroe's hand and that she was "practicing her new name" - what rubbish. As if she needed to practice "Marilyn Monroe", only the Miller was new - and its not her hand-writing anyway. Marilyn had a miscarriage and some surgery, either one of these occasions were publicly known and a lot of people would have written concerned fan mail. The secretary had many notes to write.

Right next to the secretarial on auction is an actual real hand-written letter to her sister's daughter - do they really not know the difference?  Yes, they do, it shows in the big price difference - $1000 on the secretarial and $4000 on the real letter to Mona Rae.

I have let them know. I wonder if they will change the wording on the secretarial notes of which there are two auctions worth - 4 pages in all, incorrectly assigned to be Marilyn's own hand . . . they even made up this little illogical story. There is one bidder on one of the secretarials too. More watchers on the real items.

There is one bargain on there - the signed card "Marilyn and Daddy" currently just $1000, that really is her hand-writing. 

Actual Monroe hand-written letter to Mona Rae - link

and below is the final version of the secretarial - not for sale on this auction, but clearly the same hand. 

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Good topic for discussion. Hopefully bidders will become aware.

Profiles decided to pull or void these auctions after all. I noticed the final result on all the secretarials was Price Realized 0. But the real ones were all way up there $11,000 for the hand written letter to her niece Mona Rae.



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