Ive used BAS quick opinion couple of times to see ofc if the item is genuine.. Every single time the answer was the same, Unlikely to pass, even though some autographs were signed in person and have that typical style..

After that i tried an experiment, i found 2 BAS items on Ebay, hide the Coa and sent them for opinion and i couldn't believe again the same answer, Unlikely to pass.. That's a total waste of time and specially your money, its better and cheaper to ask here for opinion or in some FB group! 

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I'm consistently hearing experiences on this board that Beckett provides a service that is less than stellar.  I realize that the members here who have voiced this view probably make up a small percentage of the larger collecting community.  Yet given that, how do they continue to seemingly be the "go too" service for more and more larger auction houses?  Doesn't the word get around?

Reason. $$$$$

To be somewhat fair, all these TPA services have their strengths and weaknesses. It's better to have your own knowledge and experience. Too many people give too much influence based on the paperwork solely.

With that said, when it comes time to sell having a TPA certificate sure comes in handy.

I understand when it comes to M. Jordan signatures that TPAs are very careful, i would say almost scared, because there are a lot of fakes, def much more fakes than real ones..

I bought this signed caps, did a research of Schumi signature and was about 80% (minimum) sure this is genuine, my logical though is this is very hard or better say you have to be a serious pro to be able to immitate his signature on a harsh surface of a cap where pen isn't moving fluid..

I am an amateur/rookie when it comes to this hobby and compared to other caps with coa everything is saying its real, but i would like to see that guy/girl from BAS Beckett in what way are they doing that quick opinion. I have a feeling they even dont look at the signature properly or even do some quick comparison..

PSA cap VS my caps:


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