While the autographs pictured below all seem authentic, there are serious documentation errors by PSA/DNA on each item which increase the value significantly. I’ve heard many horror stories about PSA's authentication/card-grading practices to ever consider anything a “innocent” error. There are similar errors on the market as we speak...

For example:

The letter states John Panozzo as one of the 6 signatures but it is actually Todd Sucherman. John Panozzo is much more valuable and died in 1996. This obvious mistake increases the value of the item.

This is not signed by the deceased Bob Denver (aka Gilligan) but rather secretarial signed. Again the value is greater with the error.

This is not signed by rare deceased musician Mark Sandman (from the band Morphine) but Homeboy Sandman the Rapper (Real name Angel Del Villar II). Again the value is increased by the error.

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They may have a huge exemplar but here is the issue. Shoeless, from a very rural section of SC often was quoted as stating "It don’t take school stuff to help a fella play ball" That was how he answered any questions about his literacy. Shoeless "could not read or write much". Main reason any valid signature for shoeless would be incredibly expensive and rare (he usually signed with a scribble) 

Welcome, Celtic Creek. I never heard that quote before.

Hay steve,

yah often quoted statement by shoeless Joe. Do not know if links can be posted but here is a google book link that has this quote. https://books.google.com/books?id=6U1zWw2OqTkC&pg=PA34&lpg=...

I am sort of into sport quotes from former sport stars like: shoeless, ty, red aurbach, yogi etc.

Wow! What a careless authentication. Smells of an Authenticator who is drinking his own bath water.

I think I maye have posted this on other PSA related threads, but this one always killed me.  And it's still up on ebay.  I have no clue what PSA is looking at that would have them convinced this is authentic.


It's always possible to get a crappy autograph in a rush, in a crowd etc.  But if it doesn't look convincingly like a known example, I don't know how you can authenticate it.  The fact that the same seller has another crappy "B" autograph for sale, in my opinion, confirms they're fake anyway.  I'd love for PSA to explain themselves.  Really sloppy stuff.


I've always questioned how (and why) they can authenticate these ridiculous signatures that are often just squiggles.  I understand that they can compare to other examples from the supposed time of signing, but come on, anyone can just squiggle on a photo and say it was signed at that time.  It's careless if you ask me, some "autographs" cannot be authenticated, that is just a fact.  It does not mean they are not penned by the celebrity, just simply that they cannot be authenticated as a signature.  Authenticating these pieces devalues the entire concept of third party authentication.

But the fact is PSA still delivers respect and holds primacy.

I guess maybe for people who don't know any better or are selling to people who don't know any better.

That's typically the status quo. Just another day of rooting around, deep in the underbrush of the autograph biz. There's no business like it. No business I know. 8o)



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