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PSA/DNA is making too many obvious mistakes-1967 Red Sox Team Ball with Clubhouse Yaz and Tony C.

It is getting to the point where recent opinions issued by PSA/DNA are losing their value, because of mistakes like this one.


The link takes you to a listing by Showpiecesports where the BIN price is $9995.00.  While a seller certainly can price a listing at any dollar value they so desire, even if this ball were 100% authentic, it is severely over-priced.

But the problem with this ball is that the two key signatures from that season, Carl Yastrzemski and Tony C., are obvious clubhouse signatures. See photos below:

for reference, here are authentic examples from 1967:

What is interesting is that the legit Tony C above, is being listed by the same seller as the one in the OP.   In reality, that ball with the clubhouse Yaz and Tony C. is likely worth about $350.00.

I doubt anyone would pay almost 10K for this ball, but the point is that the current group of authenticators at PSA/DNA are quite a step down from what it was 5 years ago.  

In all transparency, I do not utilize TPA's for my purchases, but I am not Anti-TPA because a couple of them truly try to get it right, and for novice collectors, their opinions can be important.  So they do have a place in this hobby full of criminals and crooks.

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Very informative thread, Terrier.

It's 2020.  This is totally unacceptable for PSA to be making this type of glaring errors.

Thank you Chris.  If this were just a one off, I wouldn't have posted this, but it seems to be a troubling recent trend.

It's definitely been a trend lately.  My blog below show other PSA unacceptable screw-ups.


Even as a one-off you should post it. It might save a collector from being buried on it. 

what is really unfortunate is that if it continues this downward trend, it will bring question into, and devalue, PSA/DNA certed items from the years when they actually had a qualified team rendering opinions.  Nothing is good about this.

You're right.  

Agree Terrier. This is one of the reasons I don't collect anything with a sticker attached to it. Things change.

 This highly doubtful Vincent Price autograph was given a Basic Cert by PSA/DNA

the list is long, unfortunately


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