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I don't know Jeter, but I'll place a link in the Jeter discussion or you can.

You just had one ball posted before but now 3. Did you send them all in?

I am interested to see what my friend CEE GEE and Christopher Williams say about this.  I am not as well versed with Jeter but I do not like the third ball at all. the second ball is hard to see, there are some things about the Jeter that do not look right. but lets see what other opinions come in.

Andrew...did you sub these or was this done using quick opinion ?

I am not as well-versed as some, but I have some familiarity with Jeter.

I can see why #2 and #3 got nixed.

#1 looks better to me, however, there does appear to be some slowness... especially at the end of Jeter.

#1 is also missing a letter in Jeter



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