I've only started looking at Queen autographs recently. My initial opinion having looked at this album is that they're no good.

Queen fans please let me know what you think ....

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Yikes. Very poor fakes.

Not genuine at all! Actually, it’s really, really bad...

Thanks for the quick replies. At least I was on the right side of the argument, but perhaps not as decisively as you both. More studying to be done ....

How about this one? I think it might be genuine. If it is, it's a beauty!

Yes, that is genuine but is rushed and considered atypical. This is a late 70s set and Freddie was changing his hand pretty drastically at the time. It left us with some pretty...not so attractive looking Freddie graphs. This is one of them. Genuine, though.

And it’s for sale by this AML member if I’m not mistaken:



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