Here we have cards signed by Freddie, John and Roger 02.April1980 in Munich (München)

Seller said it it was signed at the hotel. There was no concert that day, they played later that year in munich.

That time, Queen recorded the album "The Game" in Munich, so for me, this autographs could be real.

But what do the experts here think?

Thank you

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Hmm...the Roger is definitely real but not from the 80s. That's a recent Roger. Let me zoom in on the others. At first glance, that's not Freddie's handwriting, either 

Thank you Innuendo,

I have no better pics of the other 3 autographs unfortunatly, maybe I can ask the seller.

But if you say that Freddie is not real, it does not make sense to me, then I'll stay away.

No problem, Andreas. It's just better to be safe than sorry. I would advise anyone considering this item to just wait for a more solid Queen set to come around. 

So either this was written by someone else, or Freddie's hand was drastically changed by the marker he was using. Munich April 80 (with a 7 under it) doesn't read as Freddie to me. And since all 3 have different signed "Munich" under them, I'm going to assume they're meant to have been written by the guys. John is atypical as well but I wouldn't say fake. Freddie isn't terrible but it's not good either. I guess these could be explained by saying they were signed on someone's back (happened a ton), but being that it's on paper separate from the others, I wouldn't risk it. Unless there was photo proof, there's enough question marks here to make me advise people to just skip this set. When you have a Freddie with weird parts like that in a set that already rasises some eyebrows, it's best to play it safe. 

If this was meant to be during the recording of Hot Space, then Freddie would not likely be at the hotel with the other guys (not impossible by any means but he had his own place with his boyfriend Winnie out there and another small apartment in Munich before he met Win as well). Not proof its fake, but just something else to consider. 

Edit: excuse me, 'The Game', not Hot Space. Well, both of them, actually lol. Mr. Bad Guy solo album as well.

White cards.... Risky business!

What I dont get is why if he obtained 3 of the guys at the same hotel did he not just get em all on the same paper instead of 3 different ones? Maybe I'm just dumb and they brought cards only but seems weird. Innunedo does that Freddie look like it's from 1980 to you?

As I said above, I wouldn't feel confortable saying the Freddie is genuine or fake. I can tell you I highly doubt the handwriting for Munich is his, but the signature itself has good and bad points. It's not blatantly fake or genuine, in other words. In this case, as it is only on paper and already has some strange things going on with the "munich" writing on all 3, I would advise playing it safe and avoiding the set. 

Some people did want to only collect on cards, so them not being in the same paper isn't necessarily a red flag but definitely doesn't help this set. Hope that makes sense. 




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