Hello everyone, 

I would like to know your opinion on these two vinyl album fully signed by the Queen. I have most difficulties with Freddie Mercury signature on both. 

Are the Genuine? 

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Top one, Works, is genuine.  Bottom one not.

How can you tell? 

And how sure are you? Are you 99% confident about this? 

Correct. Works is fine, the other is bad. You can tell because all 4 on the second are done by the same hand as seen by the curves in Brian and John as well as the sharp corners on the fred and Roger.  We don't give all details about fakes on here to not help forgers.

Works programme shows very typical examples of the period for Brian, John and Roger.  Freddie’s is a little rushed but absolutely fine.  It’s a £1,500-£2,500 item. 

Queen 1 album is just a mess, avoid. 

Innuendo knows much. I would not discount this opinion.  

Thank You for your opinion! 

What about this one is it fake? 

Looks pretty good to me but I am not sure. 

Thank you for your help. 

No this is terrible sorry. 

Sorry, that's a very poor fake. 


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