Hi folks,

Got my Queen LP today and it looks bettern then expected. I got it for a fair price I asume because of the dedication. Usually it doesn't bother me but as it was smeared  bit I tried if I may get it of and it works very easy without any problem. So I ask myself should I take of all rhe dedication? I asume it would be worth more without?

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Yeah it would be worth much more without the dedications but I cant see it coming off totally clean. That ink has been sitting there since 82. A smear and a full dedication are two different things lol. I'd hate for you to try to remove it and it leave an unsightly mark on the lp 

If you really want it off, try a restoration guy. They arent as expensive as I once thought. Without the dedication, it would be worth about 2.5 to 3K USD today. Hold on to it for about a year, itll probably be even more thanks to the movie. 

First of, what a great item! Congrats Patrick!!

And to me a undedicated autograph is worth much more than a dedicated one. Or else it feels like someone else’s autograph, if you understand what I mean! But that might just be a matter of taste. 

I feel the same way, my friend. To each their own of course, but I'm a guy. I dont want to pay top dollar for a "happy birthday Karen" lp lol

The only items at high value with name dedications for freddie are those signed at the end of his life. Obviously due to the rarity. But this was a pretty busy year for the boys (82). They signed pretty often and for many years after. Apples and oranges there, I'm afraid 

Thanks for the hints. Well it comes off quit easy I asume it was not a good permanent marker. It does leave a very very light shadow that is hard to notice even on the yellow part.

Let us know what you end up doing, erasing the dedication or not. Hope it all works out, whatever you decide. Yes, it would be a nice turnaround value-wise. I agree it's not their best album but they cant all be winners! They had their fair share of damn-near perfect albums outside of Hot Space, so I forgive them lol. 

By the way I payed 1600 for it so it would be a good plus on value but unless I get my hands on another more prettier Queen LP I won't sell. It is not their best album but it containes under pressure one of the best songs ever written

Love ”Under pressure”, one of my favorites!

I think its perfect - the dedication doesnt bother me at all! Nice score!

I don't mind most dedications at all. We're just a link in the chain.

It's done. What do you think. The only spot that is still visibal is in the green part where the cover is a bit damaged and the black paint went through the upper layer. I like it better now.

much better now very cool and good job

Nice job of removal -- who did you hire to complete this job?  Or did you do it yourself?



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