I need some help. Is this one worth 400€?

It is def. authentic.

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You keep saying your john was identical to his. Have a look at them compared. They are absolutely not identical. From the D to the line, nothings the same. Hope this photo will mean something since my words dont lol. 

I could believe.. "it's bad faith???" :) Please innuendo , your first arguments was not "the D to the line", it was that john never sign with just a D.. ( too simple for you and i was agree with you), There many examples of genius autographs with De..but no one with just a "D"or please show me an genius example..it would be more honest to say that mine may be good and not "absolutly fake" ^^ it's more logical but i'm probably wrong :)

I never said my first arguement was about the D and the line. You claimed these 2 items are "identical" and I showed you that they weren't by using the the D and the line as an example. I'm not going to keep arguing with you buddy. It's what you want. I've stated the facts multiple times already. Like your original post, when someone tells you something you dont want to hear, you get upset and ask for more info. I've provided enough. Believe what you like but I'll continue to judge Queen autographs based on my 40 years of experience. I give my opinions for free to help others out as an experikeces collector, not an authenticator. Ive provided examples on this forum thousands of times. I'm not going to spend another 5 minutes hunting down another example for you, friend. Theres more then enough proof already posted here. Your item and his are not the same. Have a nice day. 

I have this. Won it for being one of the callers who made it in the air to a call-in show Brian and Roger were on. It wasn’t “Rockline”, but I can’t remember which it was. So I’m assuming the signatures are real. But for all I know, Jacky Gunn could have signed Freddie’s name. Brian’s sig looks spot on. I’m never selling it, but lit would be nice to know if it’s real.

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Sorry to say Brian, but that item is a secretarial and not signed by the band. I wish I had better news for you. 



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