I get asked quite often about about value for fully signed items and individually signed pieces. Im always happy to help but a friend of mine just typed this out and i feel she worded it brilliantly. So heres a breakdown of what you can expect to pay today for Queen items. Keep in mind these prices will jump up in about a year's time thanks to the movie and of course, there are always exceptions to the rules- still, a nice and easy price list for most items. Enjoy

Ok let's do it. Let's talk value. And I dont mean what you personally would pay for things, I mean what the current going rate for each member is based on recent sales around the world. Everyone wants to know about freddie. Alone and on paper (the most basic of autographs) are currently valued at $500-$600 for any that arent from the last year of his life. 1991 is valued higher at around around $900-1100. On albums, posters and photos, take those numbers and add 2 to 300 more to each item. Now the living members: John seems to stay around $50-75 for paper and another 25 for albums, posters and photos. Roger: about the same, usually a bit less for the same items. Same goes for brian. They sign daily. Multiple times a day. They arent rare. Now for the whole band: a fully signed paper can range from $1.5 to 2K depending on the quality ect. Fully signed albums, poster and photos are now averaging at about 2.5 to 3K USD. Innuendo and Mircale items going for more. 3.5K to 5K depending on the item (taking into account a more realistic figure for those 6 and 7K innunedo posters).

Quick guide:

Freddie Mercury (individually):

  • 1970s to 1988 on paper and alone= $500-$600/650 USD.
  • Earlier signatures (from his time in college or boarding school) would be double that.
  • 1989-1991 on paper= $900 to 1100 USD.
  • Posters, albums, and photos= take the average price per year on paper and add another 200 to 300.

John Deacon (individually): John is retired but does indeed still sign both TTM and in person.

  • Paper= $50 to 75.
  • Posters, albums and photos, add another 25 to 30 USD. 

Roger Taylor (individually):

  • paper= $30 to 65.
  • Posters, photos and albums= $55 to 100

Brian May (individually): same a Roger. 

Fully signed items:

  • Paper= 1.5 to 2K USD.
  • Albums, posters and photos= 2.5 to 3K USD. 
  • Innunedo and Mircale items (being the last pieces Freddie was around to sign while also not attending promo functions or public events)= 3.5K to 5K [taking taking into account a more realistic figure for those 6 and 7K innunedo posters]

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No problem. Albums, posters and photos, Andreas. 

Thank you, Innuendo! :-)

Always happy to help, Andreas. Take care

A fully autographed copy of the Miracle LP w/ Epperson quick opinion just sold today for approx. $1200 out of the UK


It wasnt genuine. That's why it went for only 1200. Its also been posted and reposted by the seller over and over. Unfortunately roger got that one wrong. Nobody gets it right every time. 

Heres the item in question (top) compared to 2 genuine exmaples from the same promo signing. You can see that although Freddie's signature got very atypical and sloppy on the genuine items, theres still always some space between the F and Ds. The fake sports a very different style. 

Again, I have to make clear that these two bottom photos (although 100% genuine) only look this atypical and sloppy because they were both done during the same promo signing session (privately, not a public signing) and these were done toward the end of that signing. Typical late 80s freddie autographs were usually much prettier but always had a fair amount of space between the F and the Ds as well. Rushed or not. 

You can see the differences in the top photo being that the entire 'Freddie' is very close together and doesnt look to be done by the same hand at all. 

What about the other sigs? Do you think they are legit? If Im being honest, the Taylor was bothering me too.

HI JSD, no not all the others looked good either. You're right in spotting an oddity in roger. Freddie was awful but roger is the second sig people looked twice at.

It's not the first time Epperson puts his foot in it regarding Freddie's autograph. This one was easy!!! There are some vowels, consonants, numbers... that, not only Freddie, but the rest of the members never wrote like in this forged Miracle...

I was watching the auction and feel good that my instinct was right on Freddie for once. Our convo. from the day prior was still ringing in my ears! Thank you for breaking it down for me, excellent analysis.


No problem, my friend. There was plenty of interest in this item and I got a number of messages about it. I'm really glad some decided to ask before bidding because they dodged a bullet in this case. But I completely understand why others would attempt to buy. That's a very reassuring coa for most. 

Definitely. Roger is tops in my book, but it just goes to show that nobody is perfect. Its a tricky business for sure.



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