Last price update was March 13 2019

I get asked quite often about about value for fully signed items and individually signed pieces. Im always happy to help but a friend of mine just typed this out and i feel she worded it brilliantly. So heres a breakdown of what you can expect to pay today for Queen items. Keep in mind these prices will jump up in about a year's time thanks to the movie and of course, there are always exceptions to the rules- still, a nice and easy price list for most items. Enjoy

Ok let's do it. Let's talk value. And I dont mean what you personally would pay for things, I mean what the current going rate for each member is based on recent sales around the world. Everyone wants to know about freddie. Alone and on paper (the most basic of autographs) are currently valued at $700-$1,000 for any that arent from the last year of his life. 1991 is valued higher at around around $900-1,200. On albums, posters and photos, take those numbers and add 2 to 300 more to each item. Now the living members: John seems to stay around $50-75 for paper and another 25 for albums, posters and photos. Roger: about the same, usually a bit less for the same items. Same goes for brian. They sign daily. Multiple times a day. They arent rare. Now for the whole band: a fully signed paper can range from $1.5 to 2K depending on the quality ect. Fully signed albums, poster and photos are now averaging at about 2.5 to 3K USD. Innuendo and Mircale items going for more. 3.5K to 5K depending on the item (taking into account a more realistic figure for those 6 and 7K innunedo posters).

Quick guide:

Freddie Mercury (individually):

  • 1970s to 1988 on paper and alone= $800-$1,100 USD.
  • Earlier signatures (from his time in college or boarding school) would be double that.
  • 1989-1991 on paper= $1,000 to 1,300 USD.
  • Posters, albums, and photos= take the average price per year on paper and add another 500-700.

John Deacon (individually): John is retired but does indeed still sign both TTM and in person.

  • Paper= $75-120.
  • Posters, albums and photos, add another 50-75 USD. 

Roger Taylor (individually):

  • paper= $30 to 65.
  • Posters, photos and albums= $55 to 100

Brian May (individually): same a Roger. 

Fully signed items:

  • Paper= 1.8 to 2.5K USD.
  • Albums, posters and photos= 2.5 to 3.5K USD. 
  • Innunedo and Mircale items (being the last pieces Freddie was around to sign while also not attending promo functions or public events)= 3.5K to 5K [taking taking into account a more realistic figure for those 6 and 7K innunedo posters]

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Lordy.  Mind you I have noticed at r and r especially that 2 buyers will just carry on outbidding each other, letting common sense go out of the window but that is unbelievable amount really for the fully signed album.

Michelle, it sure is. It's more than we paid for the horse! I suppose if I ever decide to get another fully signed piece, with these prices, I can just sell the car and that horse will really come in handy! Lol

I am no Queen expert but you have to say that the RR Queen II was an absolute beauty. Placement, condition and story all made for an absolutely fantastic item. As in most collecting fields, the best of the best will always sell for huge money. It also needs two determined bidders of course.

To me the flyers are high class items too, especially the hotel one with the hand-drawn Queen logo. Not sure how rare that logo is of course.

I have no doubt that Queen prices are rising sharply but it would be interesting to see actual examples of really high class items that sold for much lower prices from 2015-2018. I start at 2015 as that would be roughly 25 years after Freddie passed. It would be normal for prices to have increased substantially from decade to decade. I daresay you could have picked-up a Jimi Hendrix Experience (JHE) set for very little in the 1980s for example. 

Speaking of Jimi, it does seem strange that some of the top Queen prices are already challenging those of the JHE, at least the ones on paper.

I could put a list of high valued Queen items together from 2015 to today. I've kept record of a number of them over the years. But I have to stress again, the absolute highest valued Queen items on the planet outside of lyrics, notes and letters, have always been the fully signed Innuendo posters. Rare, limited numbers signed and official promo items. They're also (again) one of the last things Freddie signed before dying. Its certainly the last promo item he ever signed. And my mind was blown when the last one sold for 7K. Back in 2016 one was sold for 4K. 2015 i believe they sat at 3.5K. And to see this album knock out the highest valued and widely considered crown jewel items (regardless of how pretty) by over 4K? Wow! And yikes! No album other than Innuendo and Queen 1 (their first and last albums with Fred) has never been valued higher. The Freddie on this album was not ideal for the time either, but visually having them all be the same color, it does look more appealing. Perhaps that's what it was. Even being pristine, great story, perfect graphs, beautiful inscription no Queen album has ever sold for that high to my knowledge. This one is a record breaker. They grow in value every year but this is steep. painfully steep lol. With the last few sales have been over 5K, I'll need to keep an eye out and reevaluate this list again, it seems. Hurts the chest!

Heritage Auctions just sold a Queen signed Innuendo poster for $6,875

Including 25% Buyer's Premium so the winning bid was $5,500. The seller probably ended up with around $4,500.

That's a shock. An Innuendo poster is worth far more in this market than just the 4.5 the seller walked away with.

The buyer paid nearly 7k for it at final price and final price is the value. So the last 2 of those posters sold for about the same at 7 grand? 

Yes. I meant that as a seller, he walked away with way less than it's worth since the seller would have only recieved 4.5 out of that almost 7K transaction. The fees made this sale a flop for the seller. It's still valued at nearly 7 but if I were the seller here, I'd feel jipped. And yes, the last 2 of those have gone for about the same. The last one was on Ebay at 7 so the seller walked away with more cash but 7 seems to be the number for that item as of recently.




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