Last price update was March 13 2019

I get asked quite often about about value for fully signed items and individually signed pieces. Im always happy to help but a friend of mine just typed this out and i feel she worded it brilliantly. So heres a breakdown of what you can expect to pay today for Queen items. Keep in mind these prices will jump up in about a year's time thanks to the movie and of course, there are always exceptions to the rules- still, a nice and easy price list for most items. Enjoy

Ok let's do it. Let's talk value. And I dont mean what you personally would pay for things, I mean what the current going rate for each member is based on recent sales around the world. Everyone wants to know about freddie. Alone and on paper (the most basic of autographs) are currently valued at $900-$1,200 for any that arent from the last year of his life. 1991 is valued higher at around around $1,200-1,500. On albums, posters and photos, take those numbers and add 5 to 700 more to each item. Now the living members: John seems to stay around $75-120 for paper and another 50-75 for albums, posters and photos. Roger: about the same, usually a bit less for the same items. Same goes for brian. They sign daily. Multiple times a day. They arent rare. Now for the whole band: a fully signed paper can range from $2.5 to 3K depending on the quality ect. Fully signed albums, poster and photos are now averaging at about 3.5 to 4.5K USD. Innuendo and Mircale items going for more. 4.5K to 6K depending on the item (taking into account a more realistic figure for those 6 and 7K innunedo posters).

Quick guide:

Freddie Mercury (individually):

  • 1970s to 1988 on paper and alone= $900-$1,200 USD.
  • Earlier signatures (from his time in college or boarding school) would be double that.
  • 1989-1991 on paper= $1,200 to 1,500 USD.
  • Posters, albums, and photos= take the average price per year on paper and add another 500-700.

John Deacon (individually): John is retired but does indeed still sign both TTM and in person.

  • Paper= $75-120.
  • Posters, albums and photos, add another 50-75 USD. 

Roger Taylor (individually):

  • paper= $30 to 65.
  • Posters, photos and albums= $55 to 100

Brian May (individually): same a Roger. 

Fully signed items:

  • Paper= 2.5K to 3K USD.
  • Albums, posters and photos= 3.5K to 4.5K USD. 
  • Innunedo and Mircale items (being the last pieces Freddie was around to sign while also not attending promo functions or public events)= 4.5K to 6K [taking taking into account a more realistic figure for those 6 and 7K innunedo posters]

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"I think perhaps those features would now add a premium" I think you're absolutely right.

"As more prices are established post film they should settle down and new norms will be revealed." What I've done here with these prices is exactly that. I took prices for these items over the last few weeks/months and listed them as slightly lower than they've been selling to give a more realistic expectation of the true value is. However, the prices I had listed here just a few weeks after the movie release are definitely no longer valid and I do not believe they ever will be again. Especially since John is no longer signing in person (since the film) and all TTM John graphs include a name dedication and he now refuses to sign items to complete them. Gone are the days one can try to get John ro complete the 4 on 1 piece. 

I and I am sure others will appreciate your adding the date to the updated prices lists :) Thank you!!!

You're right, I'll add that! Thanks for input, it's definitely appreciated. Especially about restoration. I often forget about the option of restoration and that can make a huge difference to the value of the items

PSS - It seems to me if prices have changed then criterion/what is "good"/standards will follow. This is "paper" but it is also an official (?) promotional flyer and could be called a "printed photo" - those graphics...quite nice.

Eric yes, this item would never have been considered just paper and never has been. It would fall under posters and that is always valued higher than paper alone. 

Thanks for the responses :) I was just adding some opinions - your work in this area is invaluable!

This makes mine seem like an absolute steal at less than 50% of this and distinctly, looked after and not tatty.

Plus you get 14 albums in custom sleeves, glossy booklet, map and a free box. Lol.

Honestly Malpaso, I would expect yours in the condition it's in to be valued at around 3 to 3.5K. It was a limited numbered item, promotional, and official. All nice graphs, all pristine and includes the full box set. I wouldn't let it go for less than 3K if i were you. 

Yours is indeed a beautiful peice Mark! 

Thanks Innuendo/Eric, well it's been sitting on here for 3 months with minimal interest, those that enquired all thought I was asking too much. Perhaps now it will go to a good home for sensible money.

Sorry Innuendo, I should have enquired after your welfare. How are you?

Do you mind if I quote your remarks in my listing?

Stick to yer guns! :) My incredible huge color Gleason is also still unsold - but give it time ... ;) In some cases asking too much also travels with wanting too much on the other end. I expect it to.



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