This is for sale by iconic auctions with a Beckett Certification. I think it is fake what do you think?

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This is a genuine item from a pretty well known promo signing session. Safe buy.
Are you sure about that? The Roger looks slowly and the loop in the R isn' in on movement the Brian looks odd to ok he wasn't signing the B as big as they are today. I was pretty sure it is fake
Patrick, Queen 70s signatures are totally different than what they looked like even by the 80s. Yes, I am sure that it's genuine. Roger fits one of his 70s styles (he had 3 at the time) as does Brian here. This is a actually a very typical 70s Brian style for the 70s.
I'm considering putting together a Queen signature study here on this site if anyone would find it helpful. I find most casual Queen fans are only familiar with their recent style signature and Freddie's 80s style and not so much with the drastically different looking 70s styles. It's worth having a glance over, for sure.
Please do Innuendo! That would be both very interesting and helpful!
It's already in the works- just had a little tech issue Steve is helping me out with in uploading all the photos. Hoping to have it up by the end of the week
Sounds great, looking forward to that!

If Steve Grad and Innuendo say it's authentic -- I'd buy it!

Me too, no doubt about it!!

Hi Innuendo, I had the same album signed in the 70's and my Roger Taylor looked different as well don't know when the album was signed, pretty sure it was around 76 to 77 and it had a supporting act called Mr Big who did a classic record called "Romeo" brilliant track the Letter R was different on mine as well, I like Patrick thought this was a iffy signature

Hi Mark, as I said earlier in the post, Roger had a few different styles of signatures in the 70s. This item was genuine and sports one of those styles. I'm currently working on a Queen signature study here for the site that will show all the different styles he had. I'm hoping it'll help those interested in Queen throughout the years. All the best.
Hi bud? My copy was signed in pencil by all four members expert one member from Mr Big which was done by felttip pen



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