This is for sale by iconic auctions with a Beckett Certification. I think it is fake what do you think?

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Oh, and here's a nice pic of Freddie and Roger signing these items. Notice the way Roger signed his name on it. A definite match.

Great pix -- do you know roughly how many were signed at this session? 

Not entirely sure, Bruce but this wasn't the only signing session for A Night At The Opera. I know quite a few collectors who have a couple of these from this session. Freddie signed in green while the rest signed in black. I'd only be guessing as to the number they signed, but regardless- it's safe to say many of these signed ANATO's didn't survive the years. So the number of them in current circulation can't all that high. You'll see them pop up on ebay and in auction houses at least once a year but many of same ones just trade hands.
Innuendo looking at the album A NATO noticed the guys sign in the same corners.. or is it just coincidence
Hi Mark, Most of them seemed to be signed in the same corners. I think they stuck to what was comfortable to them at the time. From what I can tell, they were signing them one after the other, down a line. Brian first, John, Roger then Freddie. Had they been seated in a different order, they might have picked different corners.

I'd have to get my glasses on to see if this item is the exact same from the photo, but I suppose it's possible!

hi, i think it is a beautifull piece.

buy it!

look my photos here, i have many original sign. from queen und freddie.

it was sold for 3869 USD, omg!

Here's mine.  Just purchased directly from Roger Epperson and at the frame shop now.  I was hoping that perhaps this is the exact same one as in your photo.  Now that would be cool.  While very close, I don't think it's a match.  Or is it, haha?

No not the same one in the photo but still genuine, Christopher



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