If anyone is looking for a full Queen signed single there is one up on Ebay right now for a decent price.

It can be bought with "Buy it now".

Ebay Queen


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I'm not a huge Queen fan or any kind of authority on their autographs but to me it looks like a great item and not ridiculously pricey given what sets on paper seem to be going for.

The best aspect of the piece for me would be the massive Freddie autograph. With all due respect to the other three band members, he is the one that matters. 

Several people have mentioned these as being rushed examples. Are they really that rushed? Maybe Roger and John. Can anyone post comparisons?

Last but not least, the contrast looks OK to me too. I can see it's blue ink on a blue background but the ink doesn't look at all faded and the Freddie is very clear. 

Freddie had a few different rushed styles for the time. The less attractive being one of his simplified looks and the best being something along these lines. Here's an example of all 4 guys in relaxed conditions at around the same time. The Freddie style seen in these photos isn't as known as the others as it was what I consider to be one of his transition graphs. Meaning it was signed during the years between two established and very different styles. The item is genuine but yes it is rushed. The John is what led me to say "not pretty" but that's just my opinion.

I think this piece was sold sometime ago from the previous owner. I can’t remember what it sold for. Now it is back up on EBay with a higher  markup. 

This is amazing.  I could tell it was real in seconds. someone is going to be alucky owner of that. would love to hear the story from the person who got that in person. im wowed.




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