If anyone is looking for a full Queen signed single there is one up on Ebay right now for a decent price.

It can be bought with "Buy it now".

Ebay Queen


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Very Nice and Real!

Has this been seen before? I wonder what Innuendo and um...oh gosh...you know who I mean...think of this.

Edit to add: Fran!

This single has been offered to me a couple weeks back by the seller and I asked Innuendo about it. But I am sure he will answer here in his own words.

I take it you passed at any rate. I will message Innuendo - something about this seems strange to me but this is not my strong suit.

So it is indeed genuine then?

Sorry, I was a little late to the "there is only 1 Andy in this thread" observation :(

This item comes from a Very Solid Source of Queen Items! I have No Doubts on this one!

Good. :)

This item is indeed genuine. Not pretty. But genuine. If I had to guess, I'd say 80 to 81 rushed.

Thank you for commenting! I guess it was the "not pretty/rushed" thing that caused my "looks strange" comment.

Nope, I was close. 82. Sorry, just read it.

A bit on the pricey side due to the rushed sigs, contrast issues, and it's a 45 not a full size LP.  But after the movie the Queen Mania is still going strong!




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