Questionable PRINCE autographed LP at Julien's Auction House

Julien's strikes again!

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I say its real.....I have a Prince from 84, sans symbol but the signature is near identical

Actually, my father in law met prince in 84 or 85 when he worked in a radio station, and this looks the same as his that he got signed.

Hi Bruce,

I have studied Prince a good bit, and i believe this item to be authentic and from around the 86 timeline. But could be off on that. Everything looks good to me for the most part. The Prince auto itself looks pretty typical for the time in my opinion. The G in "Love God" is slightly unusual, but Prince would do this from time to time. Typically when he does the G in "God", the 2nd peak in the G is more crisp and comes to a well defined point, but not always. Juliens doesnt sit well with me at all after the MJ situation, but i think this one is probably good. Here are a few examples that are similar.

I'm still not sure as Julien's had two Prince LPs that both went VERY cheap compared to recent RR Auction ones that sold for a lot more.  Sigs just a little too neat in my opinion especially the "P"  Here are some real ones authenticated by Roger.

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Theese are 100% fakes. It is a shame that Juliens would sell theese. Very evident that it looks nothing like a real Prince signature!

Elfar you are responding to a chat that is 9 years old. 


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