Most of my autograph collection is in person or certified autographs from sports card manufacturers. The exception being these two items. I do not remember exactly where I got them but I do remember it was between 1992 and 1995. I seem to remember they were included in a collection of sports cards I purchased. They have been sitting in a closet for at least 10 years as I wasn't sure of their authenticity. I'm a long time baseball card collector but only recently have delved more into autographs. Should I put them in better displays? Or toss them in the trash?... along with most of the baseball cards I still have from the mid 1990s.

Much appreciated.

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Not sure why, but the Williams didn't upload.
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You can shred the Williams. Sorry.
I figured as much. It never looked right to me. I wanted to be sure before I trashed it as I have several HOF certified autographs that are authentic despite looking like the player signed the cards with their feet. Stan Musial being one of them.

In the trash it goes.


I would shred them both

don't like either.

Thanks everybody for the feedback. I do have one question. When looking at PSA DNA authenticated examples of Griffey Jr autographs I see a huge variation between the autograph. I'm not attached to the Griffey I have and would rather get rid of it than keep something around that may be fake. That said, how do grading companies like JSA and PSA differentiate between a forgery and simply an ugly autograph? Are there still certain characteristics that can be identified? I have attached an example of a PSA certified Griffey. Having done research I know I'd want a Griffey Jr with vastly more eye appeal than the example. Or the very questionable one I have. But even the certified example I have attached is hardly pretty. How can PSA certify an autograph so messy?

I appreciate the feedback. It's helpful in my learning process.
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even rushed examples exhibit certain traits that are consistent with known authentic examples.  in the situation where it is a forgery, it is the atypical traits that causes the flag.

Got it. I obviously have allot more to learn.

Much appreciated.
As an alternate example. This was one of the holy grail inserts of the junk wax era. Great eye appeal. And the price tag to go along with it. The Griffey autograph looks great, at least to the untrained eye.
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