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Maybe they seen what the flippers charge for them on ebay and adjusted their prices accordingly. Seems to be about what his autograph goes for just from a quick search. Not that he needs the money but makes more sense for the artist to get the money for their own autograph than flippers. I'll be curious to see if that's what he charges in the future for his signed stuff I think the last signed stuff was maybe $350, but I don't keep very close track of his stuff. 

This is like 8 years old :)

Would of sold out ages ago 

D-Block Europe Lap 5 (Tour Edition CD) (Signed)

This is a raffle for charity and you can buy tickets to win a signed Harry Styles vinyl if anyone feels lucky lol

Sold out 

We Are Scientists - Lobes signed LP with signed postcard

Dave Rowntree - Radio Songs Mandarin Orange Vinyl + Signed Print:

Rick Buckler with Zoe Howe - The Jam 1982 Signed Hardback book with a numbered slipcase and containing an exclusive print. Limited Edition

Kevin Cummins - Archivum: Vintage Joy Division Prints Signed Book:

PSYENCE - L.I.F.E (Lessons in Forgetting Everything) LP Signed Copy:



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