Hi all. So long story short, I did exactly what I've warned others not to...saw really nice items cheap (first mistake) from a business I assumed was properly vetted (second mistake) and won bids prior to researching them (third mistake). After winning said items, I did a quick Google search prior to receiving the invoice and low and behold, I found this forum! Naturally, as luck would have it, my suspicions appear to be true...

I won a Hank Aaron signed bat, a Mickey Mantle signed bat, and 2 Hulk comics signed by Stan Lee, all authenticated with a COA. 

Now let's dig deeper... The auction house was "AuctionZip", the business is "Randy's Cabin Online" which uses "InPersonAuthentication" ( as their third party COA. I've seen nothing but terrible reviews for them and people have alleged this company is basically the fifth tier of several others that were used and outted as fraudulent and/or fakes. (AAA being the main culprit). 

Now being new to this area, I'm obviously skeptical, so I emailed them. I received a prompt email back, and subsequent emails following, all of which were sent with zero grammar and sub par speaking skills. While that's not a red flag in and of itself, the person essentially backed down saying "well it's not illegal"....

Obviously if I'm even remotely accused of anything hanky, my first response would be, "I assure you these are authentic, here's where/how they were obtained, etc". Instead, this guy rambles on about how they buy and sell through estate sales, consignments, etc (actually he said "a state sales" lol, but I digress...)

Long story short, Operation Bullpen is about to be in full effect. I haven't sent him any payments and am waiting for a final email back answering my questions further. But needless to say, it will be my life's mission to shut this guy down if I discover my worries are legitimate. 

I am fully aware he is probably reading this as we speak. So, to you I say, you know who I am, as I am using the same name here as I used with your auction. You also know I am very familiar with laws and torts, both state and federal, criminal and civil, regarding what others have alleged you are doing, which I almost fell victim to. I am more than happy to send payment once you confirm the items I received will pass PSA testing. However, if you know they won't, I urge you to STOP the sale off ALL of your "authentic third party COA autographs". 

The email correspondence was with "RandysCabin1 @ Gmail", the email I received back was from "randyhvizda @gmail" and the email name is "Dave Steed". 

All that to say....I am treading lightly with this transaction. And I will 100% eat my words, apologize profusely, and update everyone if these items can be proven authentic (not by me, as I doubt I will be completing the sale). I would not disparage a person or business who has a few bad reviews among many. But when a person has ALL bad reviews, shady emails, even shadier "third party COA" and unprofessional work/customer service ethic, I feel I should give fair warning to others. I will respond to this post with pictures/screenshots of the items. 

I thank you all, for this forum, and for listening to this rant. 

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I wish I would have seen these post before I dropped money on a signed poster... Sent the information to Beckett and came back as fake.  Reached out to auction house and they said it was still real regardless what Beckett says.. 

Thanks Adam, just saw your post - got burnt as well with several signed vinyl albums, as I was not doing my homework when I started collecting a year ago. InPerson Authentication and similar other 3d party “authenticators”... 

I put in this discussion months ago about how crooked Randy’s Online Cabin Auction House is. What really makes me mad is that Invaluable auction house keeps letting them sell their fake crap on there. We need to start sending invaluable emails telling them how everything Randy’s online auction house sells fake crap!!! 

I feel like a clown, bought so much stuff the last 3 years. I was using auctionzip, I sent them multiple emails that they have yet to respond. 

I just sent an email to

simply suggesting to look at this particular auction house. If others also send emails, this may help invaluable look more closely at possible quality control issues. 

Hi all, I'm the original poster. It's bittersweet to get notifications that people are still responding to this thread... I also emailed and spoke to Invaluable on the phone and was told the same thing. They blew it off and said people are allowed to sell anything regardless if it's authentic or not. Such a scam. And they're not gonna do anything about it because they get such a huge % of the sales.  Hopefully more people will see this before they buy! 

I filed disputes with my credit card company and also sent them the reports from the quick authorization saying the items are fake. I got all my money back. Please try the same, Randy’s Online Auction house should not be allowed to continue to get away with this.

Please call your credit card company you used and file disputes.

I also put up a thread about what a scam Randy’s Online Auction house is probably a year ago. Nothing has changed. But I did get my money back from Randy’s and they were pushed because I didn’t have to return any of it. 



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