I just received this selection from RARE-T;


I’m a huge fan of the Godfather, so again I wanted some opinions before I commit.

This is one of the nicest Marlon Brando signature cuts I’ve seen on the market and everything checks out with Beckett as being 100% authentic.

My question is, I hear nothing but the best with Beckett authentications, but I have to admit I don’t know them as well as I do PSA or JSA. Just as good?

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think beckett is good but you should look further on other sites or sellers because i can't believe the prices on the items of rare-t?... way way to much!. just look at ebay.com and you wil find items with reasonable prices. hope this helps.

Thanks Rob but I have, and they’re always in the thousands unframed, and this is one of the first slabbed Brando signatures I’ve seen that’s clean and especially, not dedicated. 

Price wise, you’re right. They’re certainly not the cheapest out there but because I’ve seen a couple of RARE-T frames in person, I know the job they do is worth every penny. But don’t worry, I’m still going to make them an offer they can’t refuse :) Just wanted to make sure Beckett was at the top with the others before I start negotiations.

You may want to search the Website and read some of the Discussions about Rare-T. Just a heads up!

is there a link to these discussions?  is it positive or negative?

Hey Tim. 

Of course. I see a lot of opinions but Beckett is Beckett, and they verified it in writing, so unless Beckett is now in question? I’ve also seen pieces of theirs and they put all the other frames I’ve seen to shame, which is why I sent them one of my favourites to get reframed. 

These guys have ripped others off with their play on words. If you want to Help them do it to others, that would be your choice. Shows a lot about your character. No matter what they do to others, it's Authenticated by Beckett, so I'm okay with that. I prefer not to Help the Bad Guys, just my Opinion....

not dedicated? it's just a cut out piece and everything around the autograph is gone...

+1 seeing things cut up like this, with whatever the context was that provided a time-frame, gave it interest and additional value cut away, just makes me sad. 

Wow there prices are ridiculous, 

that's what i thought! you first have to win the lotery to shop there...

$10K for a Brando cut signature. Mercy! You should be able to find a nice Brando signature for 10% of that price. Get the matting done and you have a great piece for under $1500 max. Keep your eye out at RR Auctions or other reputable sources. 

10K? Incredible. It is like a dog with no legs! 10K??? You could buy Beatles AND Brando and have $ left over!




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