Having seen quite a few Lennon autographs posted for opinions lately, I was wondering what people's views are on the rarest years for Lennon autographs post 1967.

Could even think of preparing some kind of census and considering differences in values per year too. 

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Examples from 1973 seem to be pretty rare. I might have more, but only have four exemplars that are labeled as being from that year.

That’s nice to hear given that I have a Lennon Penguin book that Lennon signed, inscribed, doodled, and dated, Sep 1973.  Then would a Lennon from 1973 be a bit more valuable than some other years?

That’s a great item. I’m not sure if signatures from ‘73 are more valuable, but yours is one of the four.

You mean one of the four rarest years?  

I mentioned that I only have four exemplars from ‘73. Yours is one of those four.

Oh, I see.  Well thanks, Ballroom, for passing on the information about that year.  I didn’t know that.  



He was a 'house husband' from 1976 to 1979 with no involvement in music biz events, so they are the rarest years.

73 and 74



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