Hey guys! I would probabaly like to buy myself for my birthday this Ray Charles autograph..is it genuine in your eyes?Cheers, Christian:)

Because Innuendo on this website said that his Freddie Mercury signature was fake...so I am curious..

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Spilsbury, we have a problem.

On 15 May 1963 Ray Charles performed at New Victoria Hall in London.

On 16 May 1963 he gave two performances at the Lewisham Odeon in London, as attested by this ticket stub: http://raycharlesvideomuseum.blogspot.nl/2010/08/1963-born-sheila-r...

I know of a concert in Birmingham on May 16th that was announced before the actual tour. But as it appears it never took place.

It certainly took place 

He did Finsbury Park london on the 12th, Hammersmith Odeon on the 13th and i think 14th too. Birmingham on the 16th and Leeds on the 17th, Manchester in 18th and back at the Hammersmith Odeon on 19th and it came back to Hammersmith Odeon on 1st and 2nd June. It's quite possible there were other performances especially as there were two or more shows a day. Bands like the Beatles would do a show at the Cavern at lunchtime and do an evening show in another part of the country in the evening. It's also quite possible dates were shuffled but the Birmingham show took place. Ray was also doing two evening shows on this tour at 7pm at 9.15pm on some of the dates. At manchester he did at least two shows at 6.15 and 8.45. 

i actually found a ticket from 14,15 and 16 may 1963..the 16 th was performed at the lewisham odeon..charles with orchestra..and two times on this day..maybe i read this wrong but..i saw no Birmingham,,maybe you can help me find birmingham on another Ticket Thanks:)


The ticket in google and from the previous post is from the same blog. on that blog it says there was also a show in Birmingham on the 16th. Well he was in Birmingham on that tour. The blog itself says he was in Birmingham. Can I show you a ticket? No. 

ok thanks:) now i saw..yeah it says..that it was announced in birmingham...

Whoever did that blog says he's not sure he has all dates and times correct. Some of have tickets which at least places him at some venues in several evening slots. It would be good if there was a definitive guide to all his concerts through the years but I'm not sure there is. The Odeon has also become a cinema since mid 1980's so hard to track dates.  

@Christian - that's an ad, not a ticket.

@Phil - that blog (my blog, by the way) doesn't say RC was in Birmingham. It says there was an earlier announcement of a concert in Birmingham. The ticket stub, however, proves that NO concert took place in Birmingham on the 16th. It's unthinkable that they played two Birmingham concerts on a midweek afternoon, and on the same performed twice in London.

(Such a double-double gig would  also  be in contradiction with your earlier story, i.e. about the two boys meeting Ray in B'ham the afternoon before the concert).

I can appreciate all the effort you put in justifing your ridiculous asking price, but I fear it's all in vain.

Bob it took place and it could be I've got the date wrong. It was defenetly in the afternoon, Paul remembers that. I hate taking information off blogs like yours as half the time they are wrong and you've already proved it regards your views on autographs existing or not. From the Birmingham end I've been trying to get a list of converts that were in Birmingham through the 1960s from various local archives and have done it for several venues but not for the Odeon yet. PS I have found cases of the Beatles doing gigs during the day and evening and multiple venues at different ends of the country

Phil is 100% correct that Ray Charles did a show in Birmingham but it was on the 17th May 1963, rather than the 16th. 

Hello Sir! I guess you are the guy who we were talking about...can you prove Sir that it happened on the 17 of May..i searched I could not find something? How did you get the autographs(probabaly one of them stamps) of Ray Charles?Cheers,Chris

Interesting there is not a lot online about Ray's tours except for the blog mentioned above. The blog has lots of great information on but is inaccurate when it comes to that May/June 1963 UK tour. The tour dates were published in all the UK papers here and music trade mags. best to go back to original and local sources of information. I've certainly got papers from that time which cover this tour and mention Birmingham. Easier to pick a date in London with no disagreement to place autographs at rather than Birmingham. I'm  happy to share what I've got regards dates for that tour. 

These were taken just before Ray arrived at the Odeon. Who can tell me whose on there? Interested to see who can guess 



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