Hey guys! I would probabaly like to buy myself for my birthday this Ray Charles autograph..is it genuine in your eyes?Cheers, Christian:)

Because Innuendo on this website said that his Freddie Mercury signature was fake...so I am curious..

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Yeah, I've seen it all night long.

Are you kidding? That "Musically yours" is obviously a stamp. So is the handwriting. Get hold of your senses man. 

"....polished handwriting with a signature supposedly from Ray underneath..."
You got that right.

high probability you are correct, but would need to see in person for 100 verification 

I have to say that I'm sceptical about the Heritage one. It doesn't look much like any of the "believed real" signatures (I realise that the inscription is certainly not by him).

The price it fetched (ca, $600 with BP) suggests I may be right.

I appreciate that, truly, but looks like stamp. Why?

it's impossible for to know why you would think its a stamp, only you know that. Answer me this question do you believe he'd stand there and sign one and stamp the other? If it was a stamp then there would be identical examples. It's not credible to say "they've all been lost". it's also not credible for his manager to be signing embellished autographs on Ray's behalf whilst stamping this child like version at the same time. They'd do one or the other not both. 

ok I have a question.  If the stamp of "musically yours" was on the post card, explain to us all how a blind man could place his signature in the middle of the post card, with the distance between "musically yours" and the letters in his name EXACTLY THE SAME at all points.  see below.

Who says he was trying to place it in the middle. he obviously could not intend to do that. it just turned out how it did. 

yeah it is interesting to see..the more near he got  his writing to musically his words got smaller and then at the end it got larger..what a lucky bastard Mr Charles heh

Yeah its a bit odd cause on the newspaper all words where the same hight..but yeah s*** happens ..i guess

it also can be..that Mr Charles knew that there was thos stamped musically yours..and he didi this intationally.well he could have trained himself i guess..or!? what are the odds 

speculation here, but this man can read brail. And put him in front of a piano, let him find the high and low keys, and he can put his sensitive hands anywhere he wants on piano.

I imagine that with a few minutes practice, give him a postcard of know dimensions, he can easily puts his hand on corner for oriention, and sign just where he is suppose too .... comments?

let's be realistic instead of idealistic.  what are the chances that he would draw each letter in his name, in that location, in a straight line so it doesnt touch the inscription?  It's a stamp, no other explanation.  if you look at the other signatures "known" to be authentic, they are random, overlapping, and actually hand-drawn.  This has all the characteristics of a stamp.  Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks.........

Its hard to believe he could play the piano if he had no sense of location. Do we know for certain that there are any true 'known' autographs. Some people on here say he never signed, some people say he did, some say his manager signed them all in a fancy style, some say he used a stamp of the child like version. There is actually virtually no consensus on this forum about Ray Charles. I knew this one would be a tough one. There can't be anyone who can truly authenticate but plenty who will charge to say they can. There is one chap on ebay selling a Ray Charles (with a certificate) for over £13,000 and the autograph is actually a better one than i could do and i can see my hand in front of me. The fact is there will never be agreement of Ray Charles autographs other than dismissing the obviously very fancy ones than not even most of us could even sign in that way. 




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