I posted this earlier on another Ray Charles post but everyone got sucked into another matter.

I took two signed contract signatures as well as a 1988 signed 5x6 photo from Ray Charles Enterprises. We all know the full name cursive signatures are surely not real and I have seen dozens of these 5x6 photos of Ray signed with the fake full name signature. But this one, is different then the rest, the letter that came with it from Ray Charles's office states that they are sorry for running out the larger versions so please accept this smaller one instead. Is this Ray's actual signature? His real signature? I mean, it's on several contracts I have seen over the years and to me, it's looks like a blind mans interpretation of "Ray Charles". I personally feel Ray could sign more then block letters, he wasn't born blind and surely he could write some, or at least draw or doodle and I am sure he had at least seen writing so unlike Stevie Wonder he had a clue what writing even was and how it looked so I feel he could have taught himself over the years. idk, if you post that these are from a helper can you please post who signed his name like this, and also how you are sure of this? Thanks, and if someone could get Roger Epperson involved that would be great to try to work together and put together a solid Ray Charles signature (or lack there of) study.

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Sorry, not real. Those are signed by his assistant, Vernon Troupe.

Thank you very much for your help

That would be Vernon Troupe. 

There is no way in hell that this is a genuine signature from Ray Charles. He went blind at the age of seven!

I am astonished it has any COA. 

It's at best as posted by Eric a stamp or failing that his personal secretary who often signed on his behalf.

Either way I would not buy this. 


Is this Ray Charles autograph authentic??? Supposedly signed in June 1 2002 at this benefit show.

No, it is not IMO. It does not even resemble a genuine Ray Charles, nor does it resemble his known secretarial signatures that I am aware of.

Ray charles did not sign this imo . It is also not the sig of a blind or partialy sighted individual



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