I picked up this frame with a photo of John F Kennedy and on the back is a thank you note written suposedly by him on November 19, 1960.

From what I have learned, the family of this Estate did know the Kennedys or the Grandfather did. Tom Cunningham. The note simply states Thanks for your help.. though I dont know what type of help but I am wondering is it real? It is writting in blue ink. I wondered too could it be his wifes signature?


Thanks in advance for anyones help.


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This doesn't look like anything by JFK I've seen, but post comments with links on Andreas Weimer's and John Reznikoff's profiles.

Thank you for your reply.  I posted the note to John Reznikoff's profile but I cant find Andrea's.

I dont suppose that looks like his wifes writing?

it's definitely not JFK's handwriting, and I do not believe its Jackie's either.  Her handwriting was more fluid. this looks like the handwriting of an older person, or someone writing slowly.

Thank you for your reply.

I've done enough looking now that I dont think its real either.




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