Looking for Opinions on this Keith Moon Signature. Thanks for your Help....

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Its becoming more obvious your example is authentic 

I never listen to what BDM says anyway lol

Did you already buy it? 

Be carefull with this I have seen some very similar prints being passed off as originals

It looks good to me.   

The other picture is better ... Could be real... But i prefer a full set always!!!  Goodcat.... I BDM only the little girl understand.

So, you went from No Good to this could be Good if the other Signatures were with it. To now, could be Real. You still haven't stated what you don't like about it, other than Pen Pressure. If nothing else to say, thank you for your comments.

You uploaded a print... Then i seen the real photo... For me now it is real but i repeat, i prefer a full set of Who... Stop. 

lol that is to funny. As if it makes a difference which of the pictures you look at. Trying to stay pro when you get caught talking b******* instead of confessing that your opinion was just wrong.

My friend a print is a fake and stop, not a wrong opinion. The other picture is real and for this cause, the autograph for me could be real... But i repeat i always prefer a full set of Who. Stop!!

I think in this site that many people believe that all signatures are real... Wake up my friends... The autographs world is a strange and hard world... Wake up!


Did you just say that?

You make me shake my head in bewilderment

And to BDM 

Who says the OP is a print? You? 

Hey Shawn, Rogers Wright suggested it might be a print.


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