Looking for Opinions on this Keith Moon Signature. Thanks for your Help....

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It appears to be correct

His style is so varied through his career 

I would lean towards good but I'm not 100% sure

Not good!

Too much perfect style... And The pen pressure is always the same 

how can you judge the pen pressure by this bad picture? just curious.

And for me the "end" of Keith name is very strange in this autograph... 

Keith had more signature style changes than Bowie (mainly because he was so intoxicated). The signature at the top of the page was originally sold by Memorabilia UK who are highly trusted sellers as well as diligent researchers. To me it looks genuine and I would buy it if I was after a Moon auto.

I could considered real it if there were the other three signatures aroud (Peter, John and Roger, signed in the correct style. This signature alone for me is not genuine.

sorry it doesn't make sense to me that the autograph would become real if it would be on a page with real signatures of the other three. What if signed by three and later Moon by a fogger? Happens more then often with band like the Who. For me the signature has to speak for itself and if the cons are more then the pros I keep my fingers away, and yes beeing on a page with other legit ones makes a influence on it but to dump it as a single auto or saying good on a combined piece is to far apart for me. Compared to known legit expamples and judging on the bad picture I think it has a good chance of being real.

Have sense because for me the signature of keith moon is always strange and different and for this problem, it is easy to fake... And for this i could buy only a full set of Who signed and more better with the same pen.

here's a better version - it continue to looks real.


Its becoming more obvious your example is authentic 

I never listen to what BDM says anyway lol

Did you already buy it? 

Be carefull with this I have seen some very similar prints being passed off as originals




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