Hi Everyone- Seeking opinions on the possible authenticity of the following Clash signed LPs. I have my suspicions about Combat Rock (pic #1), but I'm hopeful that Give 'Em Enough Rope (pics #2-#6) and White Riot (pics #7-#11) are genuine. I'm also seeking opinions of a Ramones Rocket To Russia LP- (see link here: http://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/real-or-fake-ramones... ). As always, all opinions will be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance. -Syren

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Absolutely not. These are all laughable eBay junk
Someone have a clash signatures to sell? Great band ... I don't understand because never the radio or tv rell by them...
Tell about them... Sorry

I have some.  PM me if interested

No Tiziano- I was hoping to purchase a signed Clash album, not sell.

Wow John- tell us how you REALLY feel (lol)! Just kidding... I feel the same way about the abundance of fakes out there. That's why I appreciate this site and all of it's members so much. Thanks for weighing in.

haha.  here is a good example to compare

Wow syreena are you in the photo?
My email ricchi.elva@libero.it

Yes Tiziano that is me, if you're referring to my profile picture. I'm guessing you're Italiano, no? I have an Italian father and Irish mother. Always nice to meet a fellow paisan here at Autograph Magazine Live.

God damn!! Sometimes this autograph hobby has its advantages... ;-)



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