Real Or Fake? U2 WAR Signed LP - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...

Hi Everyone- Looking for opinions on the possible authenticity of the following signed U2 WAR LP. I'm not particularly familiar with this band's signatures but I have gathered that they're in great demand and often forged. Any and all opinions are, as always, greatly appreciated. -Syren

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 From what I have seen it looks odd - see what others have to say. 

Thanks Eric. I've determined that some items from this seller are INDEED authentic, but the majority of what he offers are of bands/artists that I'm unfamiliar with, in terms of signatures. I remain skeptical. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. -Syren

Pas on this. Lot of slow pen strokes and other things that don't look quite right. They look like they were lost on Mullen's signature.

Thanks Rich.

Absolutely fake!

Thanks Bono - I guess you should know.

Sorry lady, no good. Did you ever find your clash piece?

Hi John! No, still looking for a signed London Calling (best) or 1st LP (2nd best). I've seen a few with various members, but no fully signed copies yet. Joe (Strummer) is a tough one to find. I saw a London Calling signed (in biro) by him, but it was on the back (boo!) and very light ink (double boo!). Might be open to Combat Rock (my 1st Clash concert at The US Festival in 1983), though the cover art doesn't particularly "send" me. Oh well, just as well. I probably couldn't afford what I want anyway. What's that saying? "Champagne taste on a beer budget" (lol)? Nice to hear from you. Hope you're well and staying safe. -Syren



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