Can the expert legends help me out with this Tom Brady Autograph and tell me if you think it's a forgery? Any help is appreciated.

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You need to ask yourself under what circumstances would Tom Brady add "5X SB Champ"?

Perhaps I am wrong, but my sense is that it would be done for a private signing or maybe a really remote chance he would do it for an in-person encounter. In either case, it would be super rushed. At a private signing, he has thousands of signatures to sign, and for in-person, he is not going to slowly and carefully add it.

So, you would expect to see the inscription with signs of being quickly signed. Evidence of quickly flicking from one letter to the next... some letters slurred together and/or connected... The three examples from ITguy all have these traits.

Now, look at the inscription in the questioned example...

No evidence of quick flicking or letters slurred together. In fact, the opposite. Looks like each stroke was laid down carefully... and then move on to the next stroke. There's even a hard dot at the end of strokes that help demonstrate this. The inscription looks "assembled," not quickly cranked out.

My 2 cents for what it's worth.

If this is a forgery, it’s the best I seen yet in my opinion.

After looking at this on a larger monitor I see a shake in the B as though someone methodically signed it.

ive seen many of this exact inscriptions on known Brady authentic examples. And they are very close to OP. With that said I’ve only seen this at Tristar signings. Hence why I asked OP if it had a Tristar sticker.

I believe this could be a tracing of an authentic Tristar example with inscription. Hence why so many elements look correct.

with that said I don’t fully trust TPA on Brady. I’ve seen many I can’t believe passed. Most will charge you $75 to authenticate Brady.

OP, sorry for the confusion and I would see if you can return it based on doubts. Did you buy it off eBay?

No worries, that's exactly what this forum is for.  I bought it off Mercari(whatever the hell that is). The guy is a collector who has a bunch of different autos for sale, God forbid they are all forgeries. I asked him and he said he obtained the autograph in person that's why he knows it won't fail TPA. After researching his mercari store he sold one of the exact same photos a month ago and after comparison it's not the exact same autograph, the B is a cleaner so it makes me wonder if he traced a different signature for that one or if he did really obtain it in person  I'll attach photos of the other one so you can look at it as well and see what you think. Thanks for all the input.

Hey guys,

You were right. This failed JSA Authentication and I contacted the seller and he blocked me. I guess I got screwed over on this one. What can be done to stop this clown from doing this to other people in the future? The guy is selling fakes on Mercari. His username is Collector's Haven.  Any help is appreciated. 


Did you pay via Paypal? If so, then contact paypal you will get your money back.

I'm going to vote a Real on this one! If you look at the certified example here, it matches in every respect!

Look at the post before yours. JSA failed it.



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