How can this item be authenticated with any certainty? At what point does this pass the test? 51% certain it resembles some exemplars?

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I'll defer to the experts on the authenticity

The PSA LoA (in the eBay listing) is a bit eerie.... Almost worth collecting

The "9" strength" ..." perfect penmanship" description is a keeper for the hall of fame of creative writing 

I wonder why Frank says the autographs are "on the back of a photograph" and PSA say "a piece of paper". The ebay seller also doesn't mention the autographs being on the back of a photograph.

The photo paper and number stamp on the back of the ebay item suggest that the autographs are on the back of a photograph but the discepancy in descriptions is a little odd. I wonder why Frank didn't say what the photograph was of. Presumably not a candid of the Beatles.

I also cannot see the photo paper name on Frank's image but maybe that is just due to image quality issues.

Have I missed something? It's still a little early here.

By the way, what is the distinction between an Auction LOA and a full LOA (see note at the bottom of the PSA certificate) and why would the auction house need PSA to re-certify something from Frank?

P.S. The first few sentences of the 2006 auction description really are cringe-inducing 



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