Hello… we are in the process of “ebaying” our collections, including a boatload of autographs.  I’ve tried to do my own research on these forums and elsewhere but I still have some TTM signatures from the late ‘70s/early ‘80s that I’m not 100% sure about and would very much appreciate your comments and opinions.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to look.

Robert Redford – this seems to compare favorably with a personal check image that Steve posted on another thread, copied here.

Jack Nicholson – this doesn’t look like any contemporary, more recent signatures except perhaps for the “N”

Al Pacino – I don’t know about this one either.

Thank you, Steve

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Hi again Steve, you are very welcome. Happy to help. I looked at several sites and have seen a few others like yours and I can see what you say about that "N". They are very legible but I would like to see some early contracts.

i have a few nicholson's from the 70s - 80s and could post these tommorow if you want... this one is just for a laugh ''i'am sure even al pacino would not recognize 90% of his autographs he signs on the streets'' if you could call them autographs? but again some company's wil authenticate them for genuine?...the pacino's i have do have itp psa-dna certificates or video proof with coa '' otherwise you have to trust the seller for a 100% that he collect in person without coa. 

I'd like to see them :)

2 early autographs of nicholson.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Hi Rob, how do these associate with the OP? I don't see it. Certainly not with the "Jack".

eric asked for the ones i have so i think these are not authentic? 

Rob, I did not comment on authenticity. Only questioned how the signatures associated with the OP. I understand that virtually all signatures vary over the years as people age and depending on the situation when they were signed.

All I noted was they do not compare favorably with the OP which is not signed by Jack, IMO.

at there are 2 newly listed of nicholson signed the same way as the one steve sheets posted so autograph live does a great job by learning and comparing and opinions by other members. i feel sorry for the buyers who do not have the knowledge and thinking they bought the real deal.

Thanks for posting those Rob, but The Two Jakes is signed after 1990 so I don't see the connection with the OP and "vintage"? I am curious what you think of mine from 1975? It is the second I have had from these signings - most all in that particular green ink have faded - this one has not.

Eric, I really admire your green ink Nicholson. It's one of the best I've seen. If you ever decide to sell it let me know. :0)

Thank you Joe! :) I love how the paraph aligns with Washington's leg! Original still too ;)

I love this!



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