Just got one! Hopefully they will deliver...


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Apparently also available on amazon Germany, it seems they are shipped by amazon US, and if I remember well what the USD price was, they seem cheaper now. They must have signed hell of a lot...

£317 thats about £75 cheaper on the book (without shipping) than it cost to get one last year from amazon US ,nice deal 

Thank you so much, just bought one (finally). A very exciting purchase!

Not planning of buying this, but I checked the price in Amazon de and it's 408 euro, while in the amazon.nl it's 949 euro !!!
For this price, I can probably get an uber to Germany and stay in an hotel for a few nights until I get a delivery....


Still in stock (somehow). 

No idea why, but appears to have seen a price increase… of £1 

It's the exchange rate variation USD - GBP

Now available for only 230 pounds, massive bargain. 

Does the UK price include UK VAT? It seems like these will be shipped from the US: "Sold and dispatched by Amazon Export Sales LLC"

Just got one for £228. Wasn't planning to get one, but at that price it would be rude not to.

I had a chat with Amazon who say the UK price includes everything (import and VAT).

When I read the website it remains unclear to me. I did not see any import fees deposit. I'm a bit worried we can still expect import fees because of the price difference between GBP and USD.

Excerpt from the website:

Where Import Duties and Taxes are due, as the declarant, you are solely responsible for paying these duties and taxes. Where applicable, we will estimate an "Import Fees Deposit" which is an estimate of the Import Duties and Taxes that will be levied on the items in your order and will be collected at checkout.

there is no no vat on books the express delivery is by UPS no extra fees at all to pay which is good  



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